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Elect Gretchen wet robo will be traveling to Washington on Thursday to meet up with president. Donald Trump is radio nine fifty central McNeil reports. Moore will be part of a bipartisan group of governors Alang meeting with Mr. Trump at the White House among the issues on which he's hoping to find common ground better trade policies access to affordable healthcare, protecting the Great Lakes and improvements to infrastructure Oakland, university political science professor Dave Giulio says that last one is probably her biggest hope there are funds. There are some monies that that can. He moved around within the department of transportation budget that the that the White House can can impact. But if we're talking about a big infrastructure package, it's gotta go through congress. But he says roads are something that President Trump and congressional Democrats have a chance to agree on Sandra McNeill, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty police. Now investigating a reported smashing grab at the Somerset collection. The incident happened at Tiffany and company with investigators saying that a handful of higher. Ed, jewelry, was stolen. If anybody has information about the crime. They're asked to contact police. Wake County prosecutor's office charging forty six year old Albert weathers of Sterling Heights with the murder of thirty six year old Kelly sto Stoa transgender woman was found dead by police in the area of east mcnichols and brush streets on December seventh a police investigation. Led to prosecutors a rating weather's on Monday. He's been charged with open murder may have the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony is bond was set at one. Million dollars a six week old baby now in critical condition and her father is in custody. The baby was not breathing and turning blue and firefighters arrived at the home at Oxford township on Friday. Detectives interview the father EPA hospital and say that he later admitted to shaking the baby the twenty five year old man now charged with first degree child abuse and could face up to life in prison. Authorities have confirmed the identity of the two year old boy who died in a house fire in Detroit the cause and manner of Kamari Livingston's death have not been determined. He was the only person to survive that fire early Friday to the city's border with have traffic for other children were rescued from the home in two adults were taken to the hospital with burns and smoking elation. Also to have traffic firefighters were burned while they had Detroit. Firefighters were rescuing the children they retreated at a hospital and released because of their fire remains under investigation. But investigators say it might have been due to an electrical problem. The US Olympic Committee is fired as chief of sport performance in the wake of an independent report the details and overall lack of response in the Larry Nassar, sex abuse case, NewsRadio nine fifty sorry. Huber as more the two hundred and thirty three page report said neither Alan Ashley, nor former CEO Scott Blackmun elevated concerns about the Larry Nassar sexual abuse allegations. When they were first reported to them the. Report by the firm ropes and gray says the USOC took no action between first hearing of the allegations in July of two thousand fifteen in September of two thousand sixteen. It concludes that the lack of action allowed Nassar to abuse. Dozens more girls over the fourteen months of silence Blackman, by the way resigned in February because of health concerns Nassar spending life in prison he molested over three hundred and fifty girls and young women under the guise of medical treatment, the Hooper WBZ NewsRadio nine fifty..

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