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Obviously, this time of year have been listening to a lot of it on my way into work and on my way home. It's Vinnie Penn with you all this week from 12 to 3 on W. R. K o I need it on. There's a lot more Christmas music than ever before. You got a favorite Christmas, so I've got a couple lightning. Do you have one that your go to Christmas? Oh, yes. Very least. Just please don't be. Do they know it's Christmas? No, please. Very much my all time favorite. I'm very, very strong in my feeling about this. My all time favorite Christmas song is run Run. Rudolph, That is my favorite Christmas song. Yeah, It's a great one by any particular artist. I mean, it's been covered quite a few times Classic like Chuck Berry, You got the classic. I mean, I personally really like Luke Bryan's cover of it. He doesn't really nice rock country version of its very, very energetic I just like that rock cover of a bright Adams is pretty good, too, But I really like that. Luke Bryan cover. Yeah. Bryan Adams had a great one to that. That's a good call right there on that. Wasn't there A Ah Boston band on this the right place that asked the question. Is it done on the WR KR the legendary W R K o course number here. 617 to 66 68 68. I remember back in the day doing top 40 radio in Connecticut and get it late nineties, I think is when its surface the Boston band that did the Grinch You're a mean one. Mr Grinch was great version. It was kind of a rock and roll version of that song. Do you not know who it was? It was a Boston band. I don't know that. There were any bigger than that. I'm gonna dig that one up. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, it doesn't come to me immediately off to look into it. Yeah, Yeah, definitely. My particular favorite would be Either. Christmas is the time to say I love you. Bye, Billy Squire. I don't know if you know that one. I don't know that I've heard it. Probably. Yeah, I'm a sucker for Bob Seger's little drummer boy. Lot of versions. Joan Jett's got a great version of that Do and I happen to like Ariana Grande Days. Original Biddy Santa. Tell me, I do. The Lightning is pretty good. It's not bad. Do? I don't know. She's got Santa playing Cupid in it. You know, it's it's all about her her, you know, seeing to it that Saint Nick makes this boy stick around for at least a year before she gives him everything. It's not the most. Uh, it's not the sweetest because I don't think by giving of everything. Ariana Grande a singing of love, and Holliday said to tell me Is that the one? Yes, Santa. Tell me. I know that one. Yeah, I love it. I think I think it's very catchy, You know, And you need that music because even if you're kicking and screaming to get into that zone we just had From bright Bart. John Carney on He's the editor. Bribe Our finance, and I'm looking at his article about partisan euphoria by the Democrats and how it has Driven consumer sentiment higher on, uh And and I didn't expect that to be the case. I want to get into this story. Ah, little bit. But we do have Ah, call coming in again. The number here 617 to 66. 68 68. Let's grab real quick. I think we're gonna find out Maybe Ha! And now I'm knowing who it is. Brian, are you there? Yes, But how are you? I'm doing well Are you about to call and say the whirling dervishes? No, no. So, Vinnie, I'm 50 years old. It let you know how old I am. And I'm 53 53. I'm older than you. Okay. So with that said, then as a kid and TV was a big pot of our generation, and I always had rock and roll stars doing Christmas song. So with that said, I don't know if you remember the song by Billy Squire. Christmases attack to say I love you Really? Just where you use your favorite one. That's my favorite one. Just you're not paying attention. Good, sir. Yeah, that was my favorite one. And if you'll recall, he sang it live in the studio with Martha Quinn dancing around. Yeah. Right? I.

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