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Yeah that is like that's the trademark of a good acne medication that makes your fucking pillows and towels orange did you guys go on accutane oh yeah i didn't have acne bad enough for accutane but like we're just like whatever just fucking nuke it like enough like here and there is just get the shit outta here nuke it already man oh yeah i mean your your lips were like chapter lips you looked like this is a really deep cut golf reference you looked like tom kite from her golfer really chapped lips yeah i really chapped yup yeah all right how p ninety x p ninety x sounds like a movie with vin diesel i'm not just saying they triple x but p ninety x feel like you could definitely make like a super soldier p ninety x movie with the lead guy tony horton tony horton yeah have you guys done p ninety x insanity for a while i it was it worked very well it is fucking things yeah yeah like the did you ever do the stretch phase or whatever it's like a day you stretch now's like damn this is gonna be awesome really fun because like i'm not actually doing a ton of workout i'm just stretching and like i was more sore after that than anything else because like it's really fucking active stretching and also which is rough every part about those things like the insanity experience was very rough.

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