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Hi everybody the scary diamond him editorial director of cherry bomb magazine in the host of radio cherry bomb this is a special episode of the show that we put together very last minute um to talk about the issue of sexual harassment as i'm sure most of you who are listening no um we have april bloomfield on our cover uh that's outright now end um a story came out the other day about april's partner can friedman who has been a guest on this radio show um about harassment and just very toxic workplace that existed at their organization um and it's a you know i'm not gonna lie it it it was very sad day when i read that story can was a friend april's a friend uh april is a you know an icon in this industry um a lot of women have looked up to her a lot of women work for her a lot of women who worked for her went on nope in their own organisations and it is never um it is never an easy day when you run a magazine that is about feminism and food to see things like this happen at the same time and i'm not reading from a script i you know i am stalking from the heart here you know at the same time as painful as all of the says it is necessary because we're going to have to go through some pain for things to improve and uh as sad as i am i am also heartened that these things are coming to the surface because if we're not talking about them and if we're not shining a light on the ugliness nothing is going to get better but what i wanted to do today was have some people on the show who.

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