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The special report Muller report delivered the special counsel's probe of Russian election. Interferences over an attorney general William Barr now has Robert Muller's report. And Barr says the Justice department did not block Muller from taking any action during his investigation in his letter to house and Senate Judiciary committee chairs and top Democrats attorney general bar rights. I am reviewing the report. And then -ticipant I may be in a position to advise you of the special counsels principal conclusions as soon as this weekend bar, and he'll discuss with deputy AG, rod Rosenstein Muller himself, what more of his conclusions should be divulged to congress. Bob Costantini, Washington. Correspondent Manu Raju has reaction from the GOP Republicans say they're happy. This is over. They wanna hear what Muller ultimately found both Republic. And Deborah's to get some read out at least of the principal conclusions this weekend. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says Republicans have long believed Russia poses a threat to American and I'm Charlie Pellett at Bloomberg world headquarters down Friday and down week. This update brought to you by flex port say Hello to flex sport and the operating system for global trade. Combining cloud technology, and analytics, logistics, infrastructure and supply chain expertise. Learn more at flex dot com slash O S, stocks declined treasuries rose after miserable data from the German manufacturing sector, renewed worries about global growth Madigan is co head of the full discretion team at Loomis Sayles. Clearly, the data has been weak, and it's definitely been centered in the manufacturing side of the of the global economy, and I guess in some ways, it's not too surprising. Because there's been a lot of distortions thrown into that side. Of the economy through the trade war that began last year and Noah Weissberger is managing director at Sanford c Bernstein. Are we seeing the fed trying to get ahead of the curve, or are they responding to weakness already, you know, the US a little bit behind in the weakness or said differently. Do US still remains a little bit stronger. And I think you can see that with with the way the markets are performing and Brexit's also weighing on investor sentiment. Gina Martin Adams as chief equity strategist at Bloomberg intelligence. Ultimately, what this does is just more uncertainty for longer because we just don't know we don't know if there's going to be a deal, if there's going to be a no deal there still is a remote possibility that there is no Brexit. I think the most damaging aspect of this is the longer the uncertainty goes on the longer the economic suppression goes on in the UK the longer the lack of business investment continues. Pinterest is filed for an IPO it will seek an NYSE listing. Stocks lower SNP down fifty four drop of one point nine percent. Dow Industrial's down four hundred sixty down one point eight percent, NASDAQ down one hundred ninety six down. Two and a half percent. Global news on air and a tick tock on Twitter power by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Charlie Pellett. This is Bloomberg. This is.

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