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But i got it you did focus on the negative you choose to focus on the positive that i got it speaking of politicians with dead lovers oh i was we're forgetting quick i was referencing now no i was referencing chappaquiddick about it's about the ted kennedy scandal that's what that's about right yeah starring starring top billing jason whatever's name is schwartzman no siegel no the guy from fuck in front of thirteen no the guy from fucking good drought ski my friend from sixth grade who fell off the roof while throwing rockets chester oh jason clark yeah yeah top billing has the man ever been a successful film it was in zero dark thirty okay from his terminator genesis yeah playing john connor that looked way too much like my friend john horowitz he didn't know that was the star of brotherhood the showtime original drama that i love k so that was fifteen years ago it was the star of winchester terrible movie that bombed yeah look i didn't know we're going to be beaten up on jason clark hain on the guy i'm just saying it's it's i don't understand how certain people get these breaks sir where it's like they ran chris elliott out of show business because get a life wasn't a smash success tv show they gave them cabin boy to or cabin boy which is hilarious flare shakes she didn't hear from the guy for twenty fucking years jason clark do whatever he wants and he gets top billion chappaquiddick.

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