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It's gonna be a dark time. Gary and Shannon weekdays at 10 am I just think that we should pump the brakes on scaring the out of people on K F. I Hey, if I am 6 40, it's the Conway Show talking about money. Smith or their Kaylie See Petros and money. Evening. Well, afternoon drive. I should say, afternoon drive over there and 5 70 am, by the way, I saw your ratings kicked ass on October, November December. Through the roof. That's not true. That is true. I saw them today. Really? Yeah. Genital normally we don't normally with. No, we're not. We're not care if I you know, we're just little engine that z, you know, Look with me, you know, doing four hours of crap here and you guys doing 34 great hours over there were getting closer and closer to the same level in ratings that I'm that is a bold faced lie. But that is Baba Booey. What are we doing Saturday and Sunday? Oh, nothing. Three games each on Saturday and Sunday. I don't think it's ever And done before. Is that true? That's true because they added up playoff team this year. So you know, in years past, you would get two wild cards on each day and then two divisional the following week and then your conference championships the following week s So now you get triple headers, Which makes sense. I like that. This is something that I have believed in for quite some time. That why Why are you giving to buys? You know the team that this the best record should be the one you know you want Congratulations. You won the regular season. Your reward is a buy in the second round of the playoffs. There's no reason for two. Wait, wait ago. You're finished in second place you get the same reward is the team that won the regular season. So they added a playoff team, which means you get, you know 16 for each conference going at it, And then you know the three winners, plus the one team that have ABI will get after it next week. I think it's gonna be fantastic. I really Really like the matchups and quite a few of these games this weekend, So yes, I will be. I will be fending off divorce this weekend is what I would be doing. But I think the NFL look, you know they ran into a huge problem. And in the East there, you know the Washington football team. They're going to the playoffs with a seven and nine record, and there is some teams that won 10 games and they're going home. Yeah. I mean, I get that at the same time, you know, Believe it or not. When this comes up a lot of times these teams win. It happened with the Panthers, who were 78 and one they won their playoff game That happened with the Saints, who were seven and nine. I'm sure everybody remembers. At least two plate who pays attention to NFL football. The earthquake run with Marshawn Lynch. Well backed off the saints. That was that was a seven and nine Seahawks team. So yeah, it happens. It happens so rarely It's not like the MBA where you've got, you know, three or four teams in the West that have a better record than the seven and eight seed in the East that don't make the playoffs, you know, I mean, like it tends to be more balanced. They're here. It's It's just an oddity right that that pops up every 789 years. Did you expect by the way the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to be 11 5 to be so good this year? I did their, you know. Look, Tom Brady is fantastic Is that you know, and I'd hoped the charger. Look, it worked out. I'm happy to Chargers did not get him so they could draft Justin Herbert have time for the next 15 years instead of Tom Brady for two. Right, but I believe he had a lot left. He just, you know, we said we were in in New England when the Chargers played the Patriots in a playoff game two years ago, when he was 41. He just cut him to pieces, and it's just he's just got this uncanny ability to see things almost before they happen. Or see things that it shouldn't be in his periphery and moved to feet inside that pocket that he's throwing from to evade, you know, trouble and just delivered touchdown. How many years and that he has left 40 freakin touchdowns? I don't know. You know, I It's just such a weird, like very rarely do skills slowly fade. It tends to be a precipitous drop like it happened with Peyton Manning, right. He won the Super Bowl. The very next year, he couldn't throw a football. It was crazy. Um, but he had issues too. I mean physical issues. Yeah, he had a bad neck. Yeah, he had a bad neck. Where's Tom has been pretty much healthy is a not pretty much. He's been completely healthy his entire career in this one season for the knee injury, but that was it. I mean, I was like, 15 years ago. So, um, yeah, he's he's a stud man. He is he is. Hold your child for you know, kind of a new athlete. He's the guy that really got it started like Oi, Can't just, you know, spend the offseason, then smoke and Winston's and eating Pizza Hut. You know, I I'm on my vacation with, you know, with shoulder pads on the beach. We'll come back to complete school, but that's what he does. He goes on vacation and he brings his trainer. He works up four hours a day. You know, that's that's why you still doing it and 43..

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