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And you actually can hear some of that stuff in the podcast a lot of is just from sound effects, libraries, and and a lot of it was recorded for this podcast where we were like, okay. This is what we're going to do. I actually think actually one of my favorite sounds that. I recorded that's in the series. I was gonna ask you this next. You know, which one I think so well, I don't wanna spoil that because I'm going to probably say shitty. I'm actually curious we're going to cut this out. But what do you think it was was it the moon, the stargazing sound, oh, the vortex vortex reverse the one of my favorite sounds actually that I recorded accidentally once although not accidentally because I knew they happen in as a kid. I've heard them is. If you go. Oh. At an airport about a mile under maybe less than a mile half a mile under the flight path, the landing path of an airplane about a minute after the plane passes over your head and. You hear the air vortex? The wave of air crashing back at each other which was before pushed away by the airplane and just creates this really interesting. Sound which would not expect after seven four seven because it's so tender, and that's something we used in the stargazing scene. And it's something that reported in seeing the the meteor shower I recorded this last year, I spent an entire day eating out burger in the car. Yeah. On Tari airport just microphone on the roof. And I was just sitting there. DHL FedEx airplanes landing all day long. Peter bothered sound designer and editor of blockbuster. Thanks for this chat. It's absolutely a pleasure. Thank you so much, please. Remember to subscribe and leave us a five star review to get all episodes of blockbuster. Follow blockbuster on social media for extra content and read are behind the scenes blog or visit our store at get blockbuster dot com..

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