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Armed the murders of an elderly woman and her grown son in there allow me county home wants a judge to throw out the statements that he made to detectives Brian wells's towards with the murders of mall and rishi mun wani his lawyer Tom wall says Loudon county detectives violated his client's constitutional rights by continuing to question them after he asked for his lawyer almost a dozen times he tells WTOP that his client made no incriminating statements when Wallace was first arrested prosecutors had to drop the charges because forensic showed the bullets recovered from the victim's bodies didn't match the barrel of wealth is gone he was then indicted but prosecutors have not said they have new evidence or testimony to prove that wells fired the shots me a log in steam WTOP news is the military conducting surveillance on Americans that question has come up during the George Floyd protests out of virtual town hall meeting with the IAEA director Robert Ashley one employee asked whether they could be ordered to support efforts to conduct domestic surveillance which is beyond the I. A.'s mandate the question came up because of an internal coordination group set up a D. I. A. to answer questions regarding the possible involvement of foreign militaries informative or inciting protest over George Floyd's death D. I. A. spokesman James Cutler said in a statement the mission of the D. I. A. is to provide intelligence on foreign militaries and D. I. A. is not involved in any way in domestic intelligence matters JJ green WTOP news the Senate has unanimously confirmed general Charles brown junior as chief of staff of the U. S. Air Force that makes him the first black officer to leave when the nation's military services brown most recently served as the commander.

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