Transpeople, Andy, Google discussed on Is It Transphobic Podcast - Minisode 05 Accidental Trans Anthems With Maybe Burke


Which i mean i do like i talk about my generals i talk about my identity in love letters to nobody because i'm in control of the narrative it's my story it's real and it's accurate and people are reaching out to transpeople which is the right step should do to try to tell real inaccurate stories but as soon as we say no that's not a good story they're like but we're doing it like this as we reach out to you to be real and unlike but that's not really your story is a bad idea like that's gonna hurt the community more than it's going to help it on and that's what's really frustrating is that people can't let go of their vision of what translate andy is even while asking or trans person to give them the tools in i'm curious if you've ever gone the excuse well this other transport inside it was okay by my in this context in this context i happen to luckily because often i find that i'm the first transfers in this person has spoken to um eight comes off then that they're like i dunno if like you're google trends that i come up or what it is but it keeps happening to me that people are like talking me and i'm like it's very clear to me that you have never met a transfers and in your entire life and that by emailing me and like reading my blog you think you know me.

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