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Capital to the story of a good job the target field in Minneapolis rocky burns thinker single that are standing by first page for the twins in the Yankees is coming up less than fifteen minutes from now less than eight minutes from now excuse me for the Yankees they have an MVP candidate on their roster if I were to tell you that the start of the year you would say of course they do the problem is the guy they have is the candidate is in the one you think it is clear to deep right back into the truck these the second baseman DJ leads the team in many notable category wins above replacement part B. I. runs scored hits a batting average he would be the first in the batting title since back in nineteen ninety with the bases loaded the right hander has been one of the most dangerous hitters in baseball with runners in scoring position thirty five batting average rates burst in baseball well he's fifty four runs not dim they right third is thirty nine multi hit games of the second most of the game bolstered by its overall contact rate of eighty one point nine percent years DJ right one even the game David long Hey homers to right the let me continue to be among the league's getting to the opposite field among the seven hundred and nineteen players with at least a hundred and fats inflammation it's a really good twenty eleven DJs forty two and a half percent hit rate to the opposite ranks first in that state only as a greater amount of total to the opposite field of them to make use four hundred ninety one I thank the judge sterling WFAN and of course the yes network with the calls at the beginning of the season DJ lemay he was not even listed as an MVP candidate.

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