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So that's the end of another episode of Bullseye. Bullseye is produced at maximum fund. Dot Org World Headquarters Overlooking MacArthur Park Beautiful Los Angeles California where Kevin our producer and Christian Wayne. Yes producer here in our office. Were walking around when they saw two squirrels holding. A total of three peanuts were unsealed. The show is produced by speaking into microphones producer. Kevin Furnaces accent. He's Soussan Perosio. Is our associate producer. We got help from Casey. O'Brien our production. Fellows are Jordan cowling and Melissa. Dwayne yes are interstitial. Music is by Dan. Dan Wally also known as Dj w our theme song is by the go team our thanks to them and their label Memphis Industries for letting US use it if you liked arcand with Randy Newman. We have decades of interviews available to you Almost decades a decade one point eight one point nine decades somewhere in there on our website at maximum fun dot burke. It's Oscar season. He just got nominated for an Oscar and there are other Oscar. Nominations the show Why not check out our interview with TYCO? ITT WHO's nominated for an Oscar this year for best picture for his film. Joe Joe Rabbit. You can also check out my interview from earlier. This year with Antonio Banderas. WHO's nominated for best actor for his incredible performance painting glory? We talked a lot about that film in about Pedram Lavar and all kinds of other stuff mazing anyway. Yeah check them Out Maximum Fund Dot Org favorite podcast. Her we're also on facebook and twitter. Just search for Bullseye with Jesse Thorn like us there. Follow us there and I think that's about it. Mr Member all great radio. It's a signature signed lose weight bullseye. With Jesse Thorn earn is a production of maximum fun dot Org and is distributed by N._p._R...

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