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Like Patrick Holmes is kind of The first guy with a chance that you look at and go. Oh, you know it. I'm contradicting myself slightly because I believe you know, people will start asking whether Rogers is on Brady's level if he wins, But Patrick Holmes has been anointed next, right. He's like the chosen one. And In order to Have argument. Against Brady. You have to have the staff. You have to have the longevity and you have to have the hardware and the rings. And if he's gets to this early in his career I mean, who knows how many he could eventually pile up in the end? He could. You know, he'd be well on his way to establishing himself as perhaps you know, the best. That ever played because he's the guy that we look at that as a chance to be in that conversation, though. I also think he's the guy that gets the past this weekend more than anybody else, regardless of the outcome of the game. I don't think anybody's going to be Criticizing Patrick Holmes given. We know he's dealing with an injury, a head injury specifically And, you know, just did it last year, 855 to 1 to 4 to 27, which soup which quarterback Still playing has the most to gain by winning the Super Bowl 855. 2124227 at Robin Lundberg on Twitter. It is the Robin Lundberg Show here on CBS Sports Radio, and it continues after the sports flash from Marco Belletti. See me? Yes. Sports flag. Had Robin a battle.

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