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The show at while talk radio outlets at rack radio show jonas in our chat rooms here while talk dot com recreation dot com gerwig dot net you could also join us on twitch twitch tv slash deputy or live well listening to it on that player but if you're that sharon congratulations you're a part of the show as well between us and interact with us there yes because we like it when people talk to us it's it's fun the enjoy that very much the social interaction we're being social the socials anyway we have a lot to get into tonight we have news we have a discussion because rock is fort night addictive we're gonna be doing a dove e fortnight crossover for everybody and then we have all your favorites the weeks backed down an inactive he i have a really really what really what you said addictions or have addiction now that is how you said that's how you pronounce the word it's a addiction you're fired oh fired though that does remind me we we gave boat alyssa quick birthday shoutout his is tomorrow but bray whites birthday was also this week or she's a break wise day of birth it's not even really rewired the vessel that holds very white something like that something like that his day of birth was this week it will so happy day birth to the human form that contains bray wyatt in his crazy i don't know anyway it is a weird situation there's some nut quite right going on there which i think we've all known for few years with him not right there's nothing right with it that boy right.

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