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So Bruce New on the night of September nineteen. Not only did he have his single largest career audience to date think about that Jesse? When you see the video, bruce singing these songs on my Webinar on. September eighteenth because I I give you sort of my greatest hits that fit within a kind of two and a half hour Webinar Tso. Is that He singing mostly with his eyes closed. There's plenty of times in the show. He's directly communicating with the audience, the Bruce we know and love. But most of the delivery of those songs. He knows he's making a live album. Okay. He knows that all the people that wrote him off are listening. He knows he's got his biggest audience of his career. And when you see him sing. On the video. Of these incredible definitive live versions of his songs, not only some of the darkness song but some of the born to run songs. Their definitive live versions in my humble opinion. are from September nineteenth show. Songs like she's the one backstreets. Thunder road. You know it's the first time he revealed how he came up with the title of Thunder Road in a monologue, the song. And many people who love thunder road consider the single greatest live burgeon and it's on the night of September nineteen. Why do you think? Jesse he chose to tell the story of. How he came up with the title of what many fans consider his greatest song even greater than born to run not me I always will put born to run number one, but you know many fans rank it higher. Yet yeah absolutely, and so this is to reset This is a sample of what you're going to get on September Eighteenth at the New York Adventure Club it's NY. Club DOT COM. We will have a leak of the show Friday September eighteenth twelve eastern standard time only ten bucks in. This will get you not only the live Webinar but also access to watch it again or seven a week. So friends have a party that's on a big screen. I'm telling you here's the proclamation. Now here's the showman in me. Because I was there, I'm an eyewitness I can tell you that the bruce show sounded like what it sounds like and it looks like what it looks like even though it's in grainy black and white video that who knows how many generations down is the version I'm showing by the time I a fan got it on the bootleg market. The point is I was there I experienced live and color. But I'm telling you there's something about. The real -ness of the Capitol theatre video and this gets into another aspect. I've seen every. Show. That's been documented Bruce. That's made it on the internet or that we used to see on HSA tapes. I've seen whatever is considered. Oh. Look at this. You know shot from Paris when he did you know working on the Highway I've seen pretty much all the great film. Bruce and you ready for this big surprise. The capitol, theatre grainy black and white video. Is. The most immediate raw document of a guy named Bruce springsteen and here's the highest praise I can give it. If the aliens being down right now in front of me. Jesse. And they said Arlen Schumer. We've heard your big bruce springsteen fan. We've got room in our spaceship. For one example. Of UAE Bruce Springsteen is considered on earth to be so great. What are you going to give him Jesse? What are you going to give them? I'm asking you. You GonNa give them Based on what you've shared. What you've shared me so far hold that song be yeah and this is why I'll hand them the video to the Capitol Theatre, which also has the broadcast quality Jimmy ivine mixed. Sound quality and I'll say here. This is all you need. This, and that's why God bless drawn sheriff documenting what ended up being for the reasons. I. Claim that Bruce I think got together with the band that I'm imagining this of course. Ahead, and goes guys. This is the big one. This is what we've been working on. This is what I sweated that lawsuit this is what? We're here for. This is the biggest night of our careers. This is our biggest audience in terms of pure numbers. And these are all. At wrote me off, they're going to be listening the entire record industry is going to be listening. So I am going to recreate as documentarian in my own words, giving you I the scope of the darkness era. That birth this show, and then I will show a combination of still images and video clips. that. I've called that I consider the greatest hits of that evening. Enough to fill up approximately two and a half to three hours of an evening with Arlen Schumer recreating for you the audience as best as I can. In words and images from somebody who was there you know? Not to switch gears, but there's a famous novel by Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit Four, fifty, one classic future, the soapy novel where all books are banned. And they're burning books in Fahrenheit, four, fifty one is the degree that paper Burns. That's why bradberry gave her the title. So spoiler alert I never read the book but I saw the movie once and you know how the movie ends and I'm assuming the book ends this way. Is that they succeed the bad guys you know the government in burning the books but The little. Bunch, of Jedi Knights. So to speak that, we're keeping the books alive. They trains human beings..

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