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Us again. Yeah but same Sam Lyrics House Jaclyn the same except I think the synthesis of being here she might be extending the life. Wow Wow wow. It's like every one it's very like like a when the com- reveals there's like a forest in your bedroom Aso's very late it's very like it's like a trope that you would. You've seen five hundred as of summer. Where all Oh my unseen? Two holidays a total trope. Absolutely I also feel like singing. The Gloria into this is the way I want to enter rooms from now on. I want to kick door so hard. It breaks the middle nosedive through it somersault in like Mary. What's what's her face at played? Peter Pan Mary Louise Mary whatever yes. I know. You're talking about the short hair. Yes incredible amazing. That's Mary Harney. Barry Word Okay. Yes second dressed like Mary. Martin Peter Pan Absolute Cami thing. We have talked. Wow this is my therapy. This episode have come full circle on this idea. It's trying to walk and talk lesson be cool. You'll feeder fan way as you much all the time and south so that girls here who dresses like Mary. Martin and Peter Pan and bring with just her is just what she does pays. Whoever has the Hawks scored to be fair dressing like Mary? Martin Peter Pan in this city in Brooklyn look and people would love it and people be like. That's hot and I love. It is going to make me cool. What you're saying? Yes the opposite of what's cool. I will be cool. Yes amazing. Yeah Oh we got Lindsay. What are you the session? I mean incredible no relates. It's on me you really are rising. You know okay and this is the I'm calling post-course section. I just still course. Yeah Oh then they should like sailing away sailing away off to the off to up to your therapist office. Truly truly like I gotta go. I'm going to therapy experiences ecstatic. This is wait. Isn't that piece. You're hurting happier. But I mean truly as like band of gold here like we're talking like the most depressing lyrics happiest this music just love to circle.

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