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Five and we have Barbara online right now right here in town, Barbara what's up? Hi. First of all, we my husband, and I really love your show. Thank you. My question for Dr Klein is I recently got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, right? Rheumatologist that I saw recommended that. I take to tech straight methotrexate. All right. Two point five milligrams once a week six doublets, okay? Folic acid one milligram every day. And also he said that I had saw bones. So he recommended Fosamax. Milligrams once a week. All righty. So and your question would be is that a good idea bad idea? My question is that a bad idea to take these medications because I saw some all the research I've done and that metro tech straight and Fosamax photons like really serious side effects. You betcha baby. You you nailed it. Okay. The Fosamax is the sort of thing. That's in the business. They call it. A knee jerk reaction. Oh, you have osteoporosis. So we're going to give you Fosamax, which doesn't actually do anything to help the osteoporosis. It slows down the progression. A little bit at the same time. He's gonna talk to you about starting on prednisone, which makes the osteoporosis worse. That's the first thing. He put me on course. Okay. That's that's their nature, which makes the osteoperosis worse. That's what that's it. Okay. So you nailed it. So how do you prevent osteoporosis two things? One of which is you take well, actually, several things you take a vitamin k two not k one k three but K to the dosage there's one hundred fifty to two hundred micrograms day, vitamin d three five thousand ten thousand. I use a day and something called strontium citrate, and the dosage there would be two hundred to six hundred milligrams daily, and that will that will not only a slow down or stop the osteoperosis, but it'll start to reverse it. The prednisone the name of the last. S T R O N T M. It's a mineral. Now, the prednisone is something that that's a problem. Yeah. That'll control the rheumatoid, but it doesn't really fix it. So typically what I do is. I use an old timing medicine called cortisol. Now, if they if they drew your blood and looked for your ACT H and cortisol levels, which is something that I do routinely for my patients your cortisol level is going to be very very low. So what are they doing? They're giving you prednisone which is not the same thing you want to replace it with as a bio identical hormone replacement cortisol is what you're looking for. That's what your body wants. That's what you give it that causes far less problems with osteoporosis, nephew, take too much of it it can. But the trick is to get that level between ten and fifteen ten and seventeen years you're going to start to feel better. With regards to the methotrexate. I wouldn't be the place. I would start with it. Okay. It's a it's a methotrexate is tough stuff. Okay. I've got a couple of patients that that. I've got on methotrexate that have had to stay on it. But very very few the problem with methotrexate is that it increases your risk of neoplasm increases, your risk of cancer really wanna be off that stuff if you can sometimes you have to shut down the flares. But in the meantime, what you need to be doing is having as as ask the rheumatologist to make sure that you don't have hush Emoto's Thyroiditis that will lower your temperature and make the the rheumatoid worse. So you have to treat all the autumn disorders and not just the one that they've identified. And that's that's how I would handle it at Barbara. How old are you? I'm fifty four. Yeah. You need to get on this thing. Okay. First thing that you want to have a hang around until you start falling apart, the problem with prednisone is it will cause osteoporosis. It does. It just about every time. And then to go ahead and further poison the bone with Fosamax. I don't think it's doing a great service. There are other ways to trade it. Do you suggested diet or how do you feel about diet and exercise exercise? I sing it doesn't reverse it. You're gonna you're gonna need exercise to keep the joints supple. That's something that you really need to do you need to get away from things that are rich and sugar because that tends to make the inflammatory component of this illness worse. So fructose has got to disappear from your diet soy has to disappear from your diet. Peanuts have to disappear from your diet. That's an all stay in any form. It doesn't make any difference. So things that contain corn have got to go away. Okay. All right. So fructose is a big problem because it tends to increase insulin levels, which tend to make the insulin like growth factors, go up. And it tends to make the rheumatoid worse. It is a very very interesting problem to have. It's not one. I would wish on anybody. Okay. But yeah, there are foods that can make it worse. But the exercise doesn't make it go away. Just simply makes your life a little bit better. Right. We do have some more calls coming up. I do want to remind you that the stages of life institute is a nearby Longwood. Just off of I four nineteen seventeen booth circle. When you're putting that in your direction finder that is booth with an e boost circle Longwood. The telephone number four the practice for oh seven six seven nine three three three seven. You'll be talking to a lovely lady named iris. And if you want to contact stages of life dot net stages of life dot net. And as we've talked about you can also tune in on the twenty four hour network that they've got we'll take a break right now for the three big things you need to know, which will leave us plenty of time for Bill Lois. Tony jam if you keep your calls, very very short go right ahead. Now. Now, the three big things you need to know three three President Trump offering a deal to congress that he believes should end the government shutdown news at four the reaction on both sides and the chances of it reopening this week. Also coming up, we take a look at how the rising number of student loan debts are affecting near graduates in Orlando. Brace yourself because we got a lot of cold temperature coming in this evening right now. We're clear of rain.

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