Christine Blasi Ford, President Trump, Australia discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


First first news, Gordon lawyer for the women accusing Brett Kamina, President Trump supreme court nominee of sexual assault told a Senate panel she would not testify on Monday as Republicans want, but would be willing to appear sometime next week if certain terms are met Christine Blasi Ford had been given a Friday today deadline by the Republican legendary committee to decide whether to testify to hearing it has scheduled for Monday Ford's attorneys say she could not testify until next Thursday. Hawaii Senator maisy Hirono says there's no reason to rush this through. As a member of the committee. I've certainly had a lot to say about how Dr Ford is being treated in this process and she's not being treated fairly. There's absolutely no question about that. The phone discussion ended with no decision about Ford's possible appearance of women working temporary job at a store warehouse in Maryland got into an argument at work yesterday morning and began shooting colleagues killing three before fatally turning the gun on herself. The incident took place at a distribution facility in Hartford county, Maryland art for county sheriff Jeffery Gahler. She was armed with one hand gun several magazines. No shots were fired by any law enforcement responder twenty six year old woman identified as snow Chia Moseley died at a hospital from a self inflicted gunshot wound, the special counsel's investigation into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election is garnering more information, President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and. And other charges last month tweeted yesterday that he has provided information to prosecutors without a cooperation agreement Trump's longtime fix her turn folks would be vital witness for prosecutors. Researchers say they've identified a site off the coast of Rhode Island near Newport, where they think the ship that eighteenth century explorer, captain James, Cook us to sail around the world may be located. They described the site as promising but say, it will take a lot more work and money to identify the ship cook ran aground Australia's Great barrier. Reef during a voyage to the South Pacific nearly two hundred fifty years ago. He used his ship the endeavour to claim Australia for the British during his historic voyage. Would imagine what that was like back then. Oh, I can't minimal navigation skills. Australia. Ship winds up maybe off the coast the Rhode.

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