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Well listen i've i've worked in wood shops and things like that all my life and they always say you know if you lop off a little bit of your finger whatever grab it get it on ice yeah you know and then get to get to the emergency wind did around a windless clearly he's weight in this picture he's waiting for the bus so he can get to the e r wow now back into his tummy is yeah god catholicism is so crazy so yes so he's the patron saint of of of slaley ilady bellies oh abdominal pain and and because the thing that they used to wrap his his thing up is a sailing thing a wind last is a is a is a sailing winding thing guys on the sailboats going yeah he's also the patron saint of sailors oh jesus that's so yeah yeah and that and actually that's where we got the saint elmo's fire thing strangely nothing to do with anything that happened to saint elmo in his life it was actually just when sailors in in in a lightning storm in electrical storm they would look up and see sort of a little bit of lightning dancing off the top of the of the masts and that they took to be saint elmo offering them protection which they should have taken that to be like holy shit there's lightning on our boat but instead instead they went with that and they called it saint almost fire and they thought that that was saint elmo protecting them and then there's an eighties rat pack movie with a hit single made from that.

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