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So that's right. Save busy. Snowed. Not like grownup in Canoga park. It's always an open door policy for onic if she ever wants Veronica, and I used to work together and Chico many years ago. Remember Bruce sessions, Veronica. Bruce sessions. Oh my goodness. There was another time. It was another place. Oh, here comes the tears empty. Now. Look, veronica. Gosh, look at her. Ironic Carter, I wanna know you still causing as many problems as you always had or. I used to cause problems. Oh, you were just a brat. Weren't you was I brought. Yeah. This is who made technical difficulty. A household. Was I ever told me now the kind of a brat was. Yeah. You're very charming. But still a brat. Yeah. But that's okay. Because brats are all right. See when if you don't if you work with some for someone for a while. And then you don't see them for a while. You don't know what they thought of you back, then Veronica, and I got along very well together. And I didn't know it was a Brad. But but I know what my mother says. I'm Brad all the time. So it must be okay. Right. It is it is just thinking about some of the people we used to work with one of which was Bruce sessions. Gosh, I talked to him recently. A how's he doing? He's good because I was worried because he lived in paradise. And after the campfire everybody that I knew started calling in looking for a nobody could reach him. So we were worried and really and he's now in a retirement home and Chico UC, but he's just as Andrea's. He was before. Okay. He's a brat to brass back then, but I remember him because remember back then you could smoke cigarettes and office needs smoke cigarettes and type about ninety miles an hour. Have the show like he did a midday show in his midday show was scripted on every word every pause everything breath. Yes, seriously. Off cypher affect. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He he really is amazing thing to watch Bruce. But. Trying to think of well. So when we worked with Mark seen league back then. Yes, he's in. He's for the food pantry. Now. Mark does in San Francisco is ever. Yeah. He loves it wonder what happened to some of these folks. Tony Kaye is an Oregon in Jackson county, Oregon is that right? Yeah. She's still doing radio. No. He I can't remember what he's doing. But his wife ran a bed and breakfast for a while. He had a smooth radio. Did you really did did mornings on our AM combo where the AM FM combo back? Then. Do remember I should ask what made me, but I don't need to. But I do remember when I got fired from there. Yes. Oh my gosh. She was she'd been there as long as the station and the station had been there eighty years at that. That is true. And then I got fired by you know, it's interesting because I get fired by our boss Dave at that time because I didn't will we had great ratings at the time. They'd taken out the refrigerator in the microwave and everything, and I was thinking well more than thinking, I was saying out loud. Gosh, you get number one ratings. What do they do? They take the refrigerator, the microwave and everything is great. And he called me in there and went. Yeah. If you don't like it, you can go. And then I, you know, I insulted him. And Gloria was sitting next to us looking at us like oh my gosh. And you know, oddly enough, we left on very not great terms. If I've noticed your friends on Facebook though, but we're friends yesterday spoke after all these years, and he's just a great guy. Yes. So, you know, as time goes on as people evolve people, you know, mature, you know, you you realize that hey, it was just some guy. He's a good guy now. And so I just have really good memories from those times. And I just was really looking forward to seeing you all six months ago. We said, hey, we'll run into each other. And we just haven't yet. Right, right. I'm not in the vampire ours anymore. Sorry. Right. Well, like, I said if I would trust the news with anyone it would be with you. Thank you. I appreciate your total pro. And I know that for a fact because we like I said we worked together for a number of years back then and it's good to have in the building. Well from one to another. Veronica, I know you're training someone but thanks for coming here. Okay. She's a good person. He.

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