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I do think this is the way the Russians might wanna do you have to remember again? Resident Putin grew up through the KGB he spent his career KGB. He ran the Russian intelligence service, the internal security service, the people who make these arrests CFSP. And then he's been president for almost twenty years. He is wallowed in Ben in this world for years. He has done efforts to clandestinely film people with prostitutes to try to set them up. He has been involved in all of the defections and arrests and intelligence things of the last forty years. I think he understands how to play this game. And therefore, maybe calculating that. This is a good way to put pressure on in administration government who doesn't have that kind of experience. And so I think the wildcard here is President Trump is this something that he sees a problem sees himself as a great negotiator and doing this kind of swap or something would be something that would be. Useful to the government to move pass. And then build a better relationship with the Russians. I think most professionals and people in previous administrations and probably in this administration in the White House. Think that's a very bad idea. I'm David Preece. And this is the law fair podcast January eighth twenty nineteen the Russian government's recent arrest of American Paul Whalen and its charges against him at many politicians in pundits speculating about the possibility of an intended spice walk for Maria Boutin ah there's a lot going on here. But there's also a lot of misunderstanding about the history of spice walks what they are. And what they aren't earlier this week. I sat down with my former CIA colleague John cypher to talk about it all he joined me to discuss the history of spice walks. The current case involving Paul Whalen and prospects for some kind of a release. It's the law fair podcast number three hundred seventy nine Jon cypher on spice, walks past present and future. We're here in the jungles, Stu. Jio with John cypher who retired in two thousand fourteen after twenty eight year operational career in the.

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