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Year and then a couple of years. It's skyrocket back. I think pretty common knowledge. Even i sorta maybe you contracts everything has a one million dollars base salary and then a bunch of my take away from all this fucking no clue how. Nfl contracts work. I have. I have no idea what hits a salary cap. What's dead money. what is fucking signing bonuses. Were they ca-. I have no fucking. That's why you've follow on twitter blowing up. Yep he's got like thirty thousand followers now because of this he's a he's a great follow because he's like who is it at pats cap at pats cap thousand been started back in podcast. Twitter shutout at. Pats does it for free but he accepts donations to his local habitat for humanity. All right i'm gonna give him a fucking signing bonus of two dollars third year option for fucking fifty cents. But i guess new thing now is void years to you because yeah started that to tom. Brady's contract's void. You spreading just kicking the can right. Yeah so there's a lot of that going on this year. I think because they're trying to kick the can down do it for the patriots last year. I had so much money matt caps. They couldn't even signed anybody if they wanted to do. Because brady's dead money alone was like twenty something million million or something so and this year at the bottom. The cap fits they have like for this year is like barely above that. All those big is there anybody else. You're excited that they signed able you want you want. Let's let's go by like position unit right all right. So let's start with the offensive line because there was shit that went down. The line comings and goings right. Let's probably the worst. The unisom the bend the worst since the free agency period. Because we live. I don't i think they're shape here unless they're in bad shape but of all the last year's group versus this current years group. This is the one that probably decreased because he lost andrews already spent two season without andrews..

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