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Tomorrow, a showers possible during the morning hours with the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms again later in the day. I'm storm team for meteorologist Amelia Draper. We have a couple of brand new severe thunderstorm warnings, in effect, one of them in effect for loud and western Fairfax, north Central Faqir in northwestern Prince William County until 3 15 this afternoon. Now, just a few minutes ago, we saw severe thunderstorms located in an area extending from around Purcellville tw two Middleburg, and it's moving rather slowly to the southeast at 10 miles an hour leading edge of that storm now encompassing Middleburg and on to the west of the Plains, the I 66 chord or west of the plane's getting hammered pretty hard right now, and that extends all the way into funkier county. We also have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect right now for the next 45 minutes or so. To include Stafford County was central Stafford County, along with southeastern Orange and southeastern Madison County, Warren County and all Albert Morrow County along with funkier County, also in in that severe thunderstorm, warning, so very big storm system moving from west to east in the W T o p listening area and it will hit virtually all of us here as we go through the afternoon. I want to stay with us for the latest word. 93 degrees. In northwest DC to 42 here on double d T o P and now to the virus pandemic in the plans on how to approach the academic year. Well, Mohr local school systems are opting to start this new school year with all distance.

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