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Goya of the judge from Florida and I like her a lot. Absolutely everything Cuban American has written. Hundreds of decisions were passed on hundreds of decisions. She's no lightweight. When it comes to it. They'll be lots to talk about in the hearings, and she is celebrated by Mr De Santis, and we know how important floor Florida's for the president's election. If he were not to choose Ligaya. I would want a full explanation of why. Well, I think John what a lot of people in the in the bass and the conservative legal community would say is that Whether it's Amy Cockney Barrett for Judge let Goya you can't go wrong with either one of them whether The gym. The geography of the judicial pick really advances the ball that much in the presidential election. I have my doubts about that. I think what does move the ball up The field is if the president picks a very solid nominee, and I think either one of them Would help not just in Florida, but would help throughout the country and not just help Trump I think would help Republicans generally status. In the past and the judicial nominees during the confirmation process, refused to comment upon cases It could wind up in front of the court. I think that in the in the Justice League Owen McCoy's case what you saw what she said that grocery Wade was settled law she come into the product. Isn't that a red flag for many conservatives who hoped the next justice is pro life and willing to override with a lot of us? Consider the judicial abomination of Roe v. Wade. Well, I certainly think Daddy is that one of the things that all Republican judicial nominees have to do is come up with some dance that they're going to do when they get asked about Roe v. Wade. It's one of the really unfortunate politicized parts that of the judicial conference. Formacion process that I think has ruined not just that process but has made the court much more of a political institution. Been a legal one. I I can only say that, you know, sure. I would want to look at all of her answers and look she was she was elected. She was confirmed with a heavy amount of democratic support. She may be a very fine judge. You know, we're all just starting to get familiar with her. But I am not one who thinks that judges shouldn't be asked about how they would rule on cases. I don't agree with that way of thinking because my attitude is if the Supreme Court is going to act like a super Legislature. Then we ought to treat the people who were nominated to it as if they were legislators and ask them what they're going to do. You know, I don't like this whole thing where you know everybody kind of dances around and they say, Oh, I can't discuss that. Because that may come before me and I may have to rule on it. You know? Look, if you're going to be a legislature than we want to know what you're going to do. Justice Barbara Ligaya of the Third District Court of Appeal was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to her post in June. 22,006 he became chief judge January 1st 2019. She is married with Children and is a prominent in the Cuban American community of Florida. I mentioned that Amy Conan Barrett, who has been recommended for years, was always seen as the person waiting for unopened seat at the court. And she, of course on my Andy. I take your point. That region's aren't profound when it comes to the court, But these days, any mention of Wisconsin gets people like Joe Biden to show up right away. You would agree with that. And a cell? Yes. Or at least to AA, least fire abs ILM in from his basement progress, Absolutely right. And and that is I I I ask you because you're very familiar with the Republican Florida. Community, especially the Cuban American community there. I don't think they need a reason to vote for President Trump already. Would you agree that Daddy's They're ready to go? Well, you never know in Hispanic community is far bigger than just Cuban Americans in Florida in terms of the judicial philosophy certainly had to nominate someone to fill the vacancy. The other question about what the Senate may or may not do is up to the Senate to advise and consent. But the president haven't informed their duty to name someone and he should do it relatively quickly. That is macabre. American greatness. Andrew McCarthy National Review Online. The president has promised. We don't have long to wait the weekend, he said. I'm John Bachelor. This is the John Baxter show. John Baxter show podcast is always available on iTunes and other distinguished podcasting sites, all four hours all the time. There's something very dangerous in your home..

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