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Polar vortex when we won fifteen games like i deserve this. I had you know risking frostbite for this organization You know in all seriousness. And he just he would get pushed around like zach randolph and carmelo anthony or two of my favorite interviews for this book because they could see this fighting spirit in him okay. He was so flimsy but they carmelo was like yacht was was coming at me. You know he was like ready to compete. And so i just think he always had that but he had to practice the mean mark in the scale. You know publish that extra last week on the ring dot calm about him being in the beard lexington and you know just trying to be mean and you know escott robinson who looked after him. He was a buck staffer that worked in on player development. He was like he had to practice it. Because he's not that guy very nice gentleman. So i think jabari coming in. And they're being some competition really showed janas like i can't have these people thinking on just as adorable smoothie king. Have these people thinking. I'm soft because i come from greece. You know like. I have to be mean and It's funny because he got like meaner and meaner every year in the like the moment where he dunks on. Ben simmons says he's a fucking baby. I like lost it. I just like all over here because this is a guy that practices scowl the mirror you know and he would flex his biceps after ten reps like do we see any difference. Is there any growth. And so it's just it's he. Has this fire in him. he's always wanted to be the best. It's not good enough to just be there. They're just not him. You have a pretty funny when i asked you that question. I figured jabbari was possible. Answer i thought you were going to go with jason kidd who i imagined to be no no lower than second or third on that list kids. You literally have in the book that i want to say. It was that jason kidd called janas out for a defensive lapse and was like coach. That wasn't my fault. Jason kidd was like yes it is and then they went back and watch film. And jason kidd was legitimately wrong. It wasn't janas the fault so he is was right and then kid benched him. For the whole second half anyway. I think and so then janas was like extra angry about that and then came back and was like duncan on fools like immediately after so if he's not i on that list maybe maybe jabbar is first. Jason kidd jason kidd. The book is worth the cost. If only for the jason kidd anecdotes..

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