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The south end of the sound around normandy park in back toward the kulon area there the park and back toward the scurves too you can see outdoor burien it's still raining as it is in des moines and then back toward a little bit of light rain into the north in arlington back towards stan would to as the across toward camino still looking a little bit damp but these showers are pretty light compared to the heavy business we had earlier today temperature wise were in the fifties to about sixty degrees nice and mild were tucked in by the cloud cover that's hanging on tonight highs this afternoon made it back into the low seventies average high for this time of your sixty five so thanks to that boost of sunshine and the warmth we had out of the gate we were able to crank it up a little bit for the clouds and the showers cooled us back down here's a look at the satellite picture and it shows you weak area of low pressure that's spinning over the top of the backside of it's still going to be sticking around tomorrow so that's going to give us lingering cloud cover a bit of a cool down and still a threat for a couple of showers out there although they're going to be a lot fewer and further between overnight tonight then still some pockets of light rain otherwise mainly overcast and notice they affect that has on the temperatures we stay in the fifties for most locations as we head into sunday morning temperatures tomorrow afternoon mid sixties mainly cloudy few sunbreaks out there about sixty three round risk whispering heights low sixties ran carbonaio and we'll see the same rand fife and back toward downtown tacoma and point defiance nice place to visit tomorrow overcast skies with a few sunbreaks around lake st silicon american lake and back toward graham sixty degrees there may be a few lingering showers so if you have outdoor plans around lake stevens background the burke gilman or toward a coupe ville or the harbor area you're going to see a passing shower too just keep that in mind if you're going to be outdoors highs tomorrow back into the low sixty s around mount constitution there in the center of the san juan islands always an amazing view although maybe a little bit of cloud cover in the.

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