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To the crime and said required wrongful convictions reversed by the supreme court threatened to invite anybo indict by who attest for five for defense including in house legal counsel hid evidence for defense for six years four merrill executives served year in prison fifth circuit court held weisman plainly suppressed evidence plano suppressed evidence how could a man like that still practice law tell what happened on that please it's all on your wife since july right well unfortunately circuit held the information that they plainly the although it was favorable to the defense material which is part of the legal standard required to reverse a conviction but it's not part of the standard required to find an ethical violation so one of the leading legal ethics experts in the country filed a grievance against weizman with a new york bar at the time that was fouled he was deputy deputy director of the fbi with mr molars that the department of justice civil division defended mr weisman on the ethics charges new york bar without telling us held onto it for a number of months leading us to believe they were actually looking at it but unbeknownst us they had punted it to the department of justice office of professional responsibility at the same time the department of justice civil division was defending mr weisman no problem yeah no no problem never mind they got actually yellow highlighted the evidence they knew was precisely favorable to the defense and surgically excised from some race they gave us that were completely misleading and surgically excised it through all of the records yeah what they provided us an only found it by accident third team of prosecutors accidentally gave me a distant had all this stuff yellow highlighted on it down purpose module see what was going on no it was an accident that occurred team produce that yes they done it wow at it to this day and you would never know what happened where'd you ed you ever seen anything like this before in your entire life lord why is he studied the law you believed in law he believed that people were trying to do the right thing this had to really change change your opinion of things didn't it it did i mean i felt compelled to write the book i knew that no criminal defendant could right because then they would always be perceived as having cloud over their head once they've been indicted.

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