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Robert Erskine mentioned that the new design Trend is soft and round it and nothing is more soft around in my view than the giant pancake like sculpture, which Robert Erskine is making on commission from the big lithium. Capri in England, and hopefully they're paying a lot of money for him. Robert mentioned a spanner in the works. The first book by John Lennon was called a Spaniard in the works. And rock. This is a big fan of states. But do you know what kind of materials robbers going to my view has borrowed from my old friend. Famous late sculptor John Chamberlain to make his new sculpture for the listing company by Porcelli. Please tell not me on the edge of my seat there, Charlie on apart. Happy New Year. Thanks. Thank you, Charlie. Uh, good one. Charlie always comes up with a good one. All right. Right now we're going to talk about a new a new feature. We want to try and bring on every week and that is Called Club of the week. There are a lot of people that belong to call clubs, right? Absolutely. And we'd like to hear from anybody out there any listeners who belong to call clubs or would like to join a card club called us at 8886927234. 8886927234 or e mail orderly of radio at gmail dot com. Tell us about your experiences were called clubs. But right now we have on the line off first. Called Club of the Week. It's the Italian five borough called Club. Right, which was mentioned a month ago when we had second celebrity called Guy Guest on author Right Dollar. He talked about Giuseppe Elleray, who has fixed his Alphas. Giuseppe is with us. Bonanno, just happy. Good morning, Mike. Thank you for this pleasure. Okay. And when, when? When our friend author was on, he basically gave you 15 minute commercial. So now here's your chance, is it? What I want is your chance to thank him about who are the I'm sorry. I said this is your chance of the banker. Yeah, Go ahead. Good opportunity. And author has been a really good friends and customer and his dad has also been Very good and Sponsors customer of mine and also a friend. Of course. So on and Joe you've been you've been fixing office. You've been fixing office for a long time. Tell us how you got in How you got started, How you became a car guy and how you happen to start the Italian car club? Well, the way I became a car guy is Christmas of 1965 when my brother received the first of roller racing car, said Those little cars running around the track. It's something to me. There's little wheels spinning. And the engine turning inside those little chances, and I've been hooked ever since never looked back. I wonder how many listeners have had the same experience. Uh, well, that all of the FX right? Aurora FX echoes in my mind. That's true. So how did you go from little toy cause to the real thing. It was a development stage because all of my friends in school And out of school with the ones who had already graduated. You know all the Or the lot older teenagers pulling up to the school with their cars and showing off. And of course, all the girls would gather around. So that was part of the charm. The real charm was the engine. The engine and the transmission the way it all came together. What a phenomenal That it actually works. It's always a miracle that It produces so much power and how it could be altered in different ways. That was what really got my attention. Then, of course, going to school helped a lot with different programs. So you you really you really became a lover of the machinery. True, It was the machinery. They got my attention. This is true. In fact, I used to take apart my little over or cars to find out what made him go. I was so intrigued by that. We all know any We all know anybody can take him apart. Joe, were you able to put him back together? Is a kid. The baby's getting knows. My brother used to yell at me. And then, of course, you just showed me one time and actually believe it or not, If you remember the kids came with this little guide With the little men demonstrating how toe where to put the oil how to get the man the magnets back together. And put the axes and wheels and the Geary give me was also something that really Intrigued me at the time to be different with different number of years. You had different speeds in the car at the time. I remember those put those things were available as hop up kids if you remember That's what really got my attention. I would love that whole machinery, part of it. So then, later years later, you open your own business and began working on Alphas and other Italian cause. Then how did you happen to start the Italian car club? When was that? Hard club came in, of course, after many years of being with the office, and the biggest thing that I always discovered was after the cause. If we get services and whatnot, people would drive him for maybe 102 100 miles, and then they would just sit in the garage and become beauty queens..

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