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Driving up the gun in your lap is not normal behavior driving with a gun in your lap. Is that something somebody does if they really feel as though, that somebody might be shooting them sometime soon. Anyway, The guy has a criminal record. Maybe that's the reason he had to get the stolen gun. I don't know the story continues. Detectives are brought to where the gun was dumped in your 37th and locust authorities recovered a black and gray semi automatic gun wrapped in a bandanna inside a garbage can. In an interview, Smith admitted he had the gun by stealing it from the boyfriend of his child's mom. Smith denied the gun denied having the gun in his lap believed it was between the front driver's seat on the center console. Smith admitted to authorities. The child was not in a car seat. Nor was he buckled into a seat in any way. Smith has been charged with the blacking a child consequences. Great bodily harm. Authorities say they don't know if the child was survive. Know anybody who's taken any kind of gun safety course. Is aware that you're not supposed to have a gun with easy, easy access of a child. In this case, a two year old child in this case a loaded god, the child was not even restrained, meaning the child can reach over and grab anything that they want. The child may die. The child may not die. Certainly the child's quality of life he's going to be Blessed even if the child survives. As I mentioned the child is black. The father is black. Is that black life not matter to anyone. If a police officer Had some sort of warrant. For Smith and tried to pull Smith over and Smith Was reaching for the gun and the police officer shot and ended up striking the two year old child. But the fact that the child was shot because of the neglect of Smith means that not only will you never hear the end of it, my guess is that most of you never even heard about it until right now. This issue of police shootings. Is an exaggerated issue out of proportion. To the number of actual shooting deaths and shooting injuries in which the victims are African American. And therefore I contend that it is insincere. We have yet to say. In 2020. A shooting by a police officer. Of an African American that at least there wasn't an arguable case that the officer might have been acting in a justified fashion. I didn't say that they were justified. No, I said shooting. The George Floyd case was not a shooting that appears to be The case in which the evidence against the officer is the strongest, but that case is now And now has information raised that his lended lended doubt as to whether or not the officer could ever be convicted of anything, given the fact that George Flight was claiming that he couldn't breathe long before the knee was ever on the deck. Meaning he was yelling this out for the longest time, meaning the officer would have had every reason to believe that that Floyd was making it up again. I don't know if that's the case. The case has not been litigated, but we have rushed to judgment on this because there is an agenda whenever there was a police officer involved. Furthermore, The reason that I contend That the Explosion in anger and criticism that occurs in the rare and yes, it is rare circumstance of a police officer shooting an African American. Out of the all the numbers of shootings of African Americans that we have on ly. A tiny fraction are shootings committed by police officers. Tiny fraction. That it is exaggerated, and it is for reasons that have nothing to do with black lives, and for that matter, nothing to do with race. Because, and I believe that the Wauwatosa case proves this. Even when the police officer himself or herself is African American. The reaction is the same in while the toast of the police officer who has been in the cross hairs of the protesters, officer MENSA is African American. As you know, if you are elicited by program for months, the media refused to report that fact. You can go back over months of stories on television or in the newspaper and you do not see a mention of Officer MENSA. It wasn't until very recently that they even started apprentice picture. When you put Inspector you could see that he is African American. I mentioned that I did a little bit of a test several weeks ago in which I asked the number of people You know what race officer Officer the Tosa officers or Officer MENSA and no one did it Among the people I ask for several police officers are retired police officers, and none of them know they all simply assumed that he was white based on the way the story had been reported, and the allegations that the shootings were somehow racist, given the fact that officer men, says African American to suggest that those shootings had had a racist component to it. Is obviously bazaar. But given the fact that here in Wisconsin, there seems to be an even greater level of anger over an African American officer involved in the shooting. I do not believe that this has anything to do. With the race of police officers that this is not a protest of white cop shooting African Americans because they seem to be even angrier when it's an African American top that does the shooting..

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