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Council. This crap. It's us. It's really a horrible thing. It's like torture actually offered a food bonus. You can order is much you buried scrub up food that you can possibly consume in the time that you you must suffer through all of this. Uh oh, man, Linda, Thank God It's not us, right? Thank God 100%. Could you imagine? I know it's not. It's too much. I think Linda would break the TV. Well, Linda would break the TV. She still might. By the time this is all said, and done, that's going and you just have no idea where that's going to end up, But we'll be watching. It's it's going to get interesting now is three arguments here one the constitutional argument. Jurisdictional issues included. They don't have jurisdiction Number two is going to be, Oh, the snap Impeachment with no witnesses, no defense, no due process, nothing and how they raced to get this done because that's what the Democrats do for political purposes. Now it's a political show trial. Because 45 senators say no, It's not constitutional. Every senator, by the way, I don't care what your political point of view is. You should not be validating this. This is dangerous. Validate and legitimize what the House did here. Here's an example gonna play. The longer montage pay attention. Now remember a Costco? Cortez says she knew a week in advance. That this was likely going to happen. And we had you know, the chief of police Capitol police? Yeah, asking in advance for the National Guard Trump offering the National Guard Mark Meadows, saying on Sunday morning morning futures with Maria What aroma over the weekend. So all of that happened Then. Now we have court filings and FBI investigators saying it and now that has had to result because the mob, the media went along with all things Democrats because they're the press office. And even they now know they could not ignore it anymore, especially when the video came out of the pipe bomb pipe bombs actually being planted ahead of time, which now investigators are telling us believe was A diversion ery tactic to inflict even more damage. Maybe. But here's the mob. The media now again going against the very impeachment that the premise of the impeachment which is the incitement to insurrection, listen for the big questions for investigators has been whether or not whether the people who attacked the capital whether this was a just, Ah, mob that just got out of control or whether there was planning and we're learning from people were talking to, uh Familiar with the investigation that they're getting indications some evidence that they've seen that indicates that there was some level of planning they've noticed from looking at surveillance cameras from looking at some of the weaponry that showed up That there were people who were at the Ellipse, where there was a trump rally earlier in the day, Some people left the scene off that rally early and appeared to have gone to retrieve weapons that then turned up. The scene of the riot at the Catholic based on everything the FBI has learned. It was not some sort of spontaneous decision by a bunch of quote protesters to go up to Capitol Hill and Storm Capitol Hill. This was all planned out. I want to get to this issue of coordination and premeditation, because only this is really the leading edge of this investigation. And for the first time today we heard the U. S attorney say that he believes the pipe bombs are connected to the riders and that it was a diver. Visionary tactic. So right at the height of this between 12 45 and 1 15. When President Trump is speaking, you have the first group pushing on to the Capitol complex. The first pipe bomb is reported at the RNC headquarters here in Washington. Then it won 15 the second is reported at the DNC and the U. S attorney said today he thought they were diversionary, which means they were an effort to pull first responders. Away from the capital at the very time frame that they were breaching onto the capital, so it would further weakened security at that site, and all of this goes to I'm sorry. It's a long answer. It all goes to the idea of premeditation and coordination among individuals. Now that chilling new report that there was an FBI internal report the day before the siege, warning of a violent war at the Capitol in new reporting that the FBI received a very specific warning. Before the riot. Let's bring in CBS is Jeffrey Gaze has been reporting all day. Good evening, Jeff. Or that? Yeah, I noticed warned of Maura at the Capitol. But for some reason, Security wasn't stepped up there to meet the challenge that that attack would pose on how much of it was planned. How much of this was strategized ahead of time? People wandering around exercising their First Amendment rights don't bring ropes and ladders and sledgehammers to a spontaneous event. This was a planned assault as if going after our castle a week before. One week before the week prior to the insurrection. I started to get text messages. That I needed to be careful. And that in particular, I needed to be careful about The six and those text messages came from other members of Congress. Not they were not threats. But they were other members, saying that they knew Premeditated planned attacks they plotted. They plan they schemed. The FBI was warned. And nobody did anything. Nobody. Why Why That's our capital. We the Pete. That's the country's This is Thies air, our institutions. Why didn't they do anything? You know of prepared assault. So that takes the entire argument. The entire article of the snap impeachment. And it disintegrates. It..

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