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One. Chris Carino that call on Nets radio. Katie had 20 Kyrie, Irving 23, James Harden, 19 and 16 assists. That's blowing by the Warriors. 1 34 to 1 17 elsewhere the jazz there now 22 5. They blow by the heat won 12 to 94 Knicks destroy the Rockets. 1 21. 99 the Sun's outlast the Sixers won 20 to 1 11 Devin Booker 36 points. Joel Embiid had 35 in the loss and the Pacers take down the Hawks. 1 25. 1 13 in college hoops number one Gonzaga stays on beaten, Blowing out San Francisco 102 16 1. It was fourth ranked Ohio State beating up on Indiana. 78 59. Creighton up and his number five Villanova, 86 to 70. Number nine, Virginia beat North Carolina 60 to 48, Arkansas, upsetting 10th ranked Missouri 86. To 81 11th, ranked Alabama blows out Georgia 1, 15 82 and in the big 12, the matchup of top 15 teams goes to Oklahoma in double overtime. They beat West Virginia 91. 90 from baseball. Justin Turner is headed back to the Dodgers. I reported two year deal for 34 million left hander James Paxton headed back to the Mariners. He reportedly re signs with Seattle. After spending the last two years in New York, with the Yankees at the Australian Open wins for Rafa Nadal, Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. Novak Djokovic wrapping up this morning, a four set win over mellows row niche to move on to the quarterfinals and on the hockey scoreboard. Lightning blow by the Panthers 61 Islanders double up the Bruins for two Golden Knights three Sharks one Canadians over the maple leaves to one in overtime. Blackhawks beat the Blue Jackets 32 senators to jets one Red wings over the Predators for two hurricanes beat the Stars for three. The Blues. Five. Coyotes, Foreign Conducts three and the Flames one..

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