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A man has died after accidentally shooting himself in his car and the tracing and shooting his girlfriend before collapsing on the central ohio street newark police say twenty nine year old philip lead parker in his girlfriend had a confrontation did a perky look as she sped off and her four followed by tokyo the popo say both for struck other vehicles good grief the domestic going you gotta drug other people unlikely mark carlo adult now i don't need you hit markor popo say both cars struck other vehicles with parker apparently accidentally shooting himself in the collusion before getting out and firing at his girlfriend he thing collapsed in assumed room temperature police say the woman was shot once hospitalized with injuries not considered lifethreatening police chief mary calls says the poeple within searching for parker since sunday when the woman reported he had recently held her a gun point and threatened to kill her and her family can usually karma k a or see if this is the the go irritate people the or may carb eleven oh california go let people start angie you wanna get cremated or just buried will you would cover liquid cremation i this is the greenwood gillner yeah california lawmakers are considering a bill to legalize liquid cremation and environmentallyfriendly friendly process of using a chemical base mixture to destroy human remains as know turkey cremation which critics say causes pollution and climate change in nobody's thinking this is like brand new i don't give one of the things he brand new this is what the mall does all the time open up boro over there see the acid gopal boil over there that will teaching assembly bill nine six seven known as human remains disposal oclan hydro hydrolysis wyson juror and regulation telephone to be allowed to dissolve their loved ones remains by the year 2020 2020 good grew takes three years passed the bill let people do i mean it's for the environment komo why wait according to bulgaria public radio station kqed greenall turtle deep monet's water cremation bio cremation or blameless cremation is becoming more popular the bodies dissolved to the hut chemical but leaving a sterile solution that can be flushed down the drain hey what we give you a fair go go putting boro were the higher her mobsterlinked to do than the months or does because it's it's for the planet is still the toward.

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