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Utah Republican Mitt Romney says extreme times call for extreme measures like borrowing money. I don't like spending money we don't have At the time to borrow money may be the only time to borrow money is when there's a crisis and this is a crisis. We want to help people at this particular time. Meantime, President elect Joe Biden. Weighing is he heads back home to Delaware. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, saying Congress has to pass additional coronavirus relief as cases do continue to rise. We are in a moment of genuine national catastrophe. Rates of new cases of hospitalizations and deaths of the highest or near the highest of it any point during this awful pandemic, Meantime, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he's met with the Treasury secretary reviewing proposals to try to figure out what President Trump would actually signed into law. More news now okay it because Joe Michael's city and El Dorado County High School is back in quarantine after a minor covert 19 outbreak. Kfbk is Taylor Martin tells US classes there are again being held online. Oakridge High School in El Dorado Hills, is returning to full distance learning after the district reported 10 cases of covert 19 more than 100. Students and staff at the high school are now in quarantine after possibly being exposed to the virus. However, this case is not isolated. Officials say they're seeing a significant increase in covert cases across the Eldorado Union High School District. Oak Ridge High School is set to return to hybrid learning on December 8th Taylor Martin Newsnight 3.1. SBK. The district as a whole has for the most part, kept any major covert outbreaks at bay and statewide, the infection rate in California schools remains low. City of Sacramento, will be featured in an upcoming baseball comedy show on ABC Television. Keep KFBK Is Johnny D. Augustine. He has more with River Cats. General manager Chip Max in the River Cats organization is giving inspiration to a new comedy show about a minor league baseball team. GM Chip Maxon says the show's lead character, played by Felicity Huffman will be based on the life of Cat's owner, Susan Savage. Her husband are brought the team here in 2000. But then he passed away tragically in 2009 and told her not to sell the team. And so there she is. Was thrust into you. The sports world, Maxine says the city of Sacramento will be on full display. They're talking about Felicity, driving her car across the tower Bridge heading to settle, Help Park. They're talking about the capital in the backgrounds. They want to tie in a lot of Sacramento and the beauty here is gonna be great. The river cats are the reigning Triple A baseball champions. Johnny D. Augustine e News 93.1 KFBK. It's 4 34 on the kfbk. Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. All right, Thank you so much. Joe. Appreciate your time. Okay? And now we're gonna get you up to speed on this hour's top national stories on news 93.1 kfbk. The.

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