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A detox which doesn't really mean anything however people drinking like juices with fifty grams of sugar and say town detoxing yeah it doesn't make any sense but but you know if you find something specific in you know you can test them for many of them and we have various ways to do that and you have some good dates on how you might be able to reduce the body's bud and about which we also have good dates on then in a very targeted specific way you you can't do that and mercury is one of the things so the strontium unfortunately we we don't know how to get that out and that's just that's in your bones until they turn over about seventy s tom i think christmas things the other day so i mean this is important rights you talk about how the stones eum ended up in this moment in the first place why shouldn't be there anymore this is this is a supplement for bone strength and so i remember i i when i was working in hospital in london elderly patients with osteoporosis some of them would get i would prescribe strontium and strontium basically goes into the bones you know way you'd have calcium and what it does it makes the bones look really good on by scan but apps does nothing for this strength so we kind of feel better because they look better but actually it doesn't really really help you a tool in terms of the strength of the buffs so placebo were you the the l stencil result that's measurable but it's not actually doing something yes so this is actually goes back to what you were talking about right the beginning which is the importance of the subjective experience so we can talk all day about test results but what you really want is to wake up with a bona right that's like that's the hodie growl in latin about what the test results say if that's happened then you know there's a big win this so so that's the strontium but with the with the monkey this we know that basically this no amount of mercury that's okay but you can get affects any level and the amount that affects a given person you know depends on a whole number of things but we also know that those whether exposes on it can be so exposed from fish is a big one ovo some of the benefits of fish seemed to negate some of the negative side effects of the mercury so that's kind of like a fifty fifty city neom yes liam content of the fish helps produce gutu which one of the main on oxidants that we use to to buffa various toxins and so that you know overall this is a net benefit of seafood even if it does how some like you're in it but then matches the type of fish about suggestion was eight and some big fish right you i think the quantity is well.

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