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Motivational, creative innovative and just plain interesting people from all walks of life. Here's Bill Hobson. It's that time of year when we start to pay attention to things like the tax deadline in spending in our own personal budgets, and how well we estimated what we needed to send into to the IRS and our friends in the federal government, those public servants that are always looking out for all of us. Of course, that's one of the reasons that I'm so excited to introduce to all of you, the CEO and founder of open the books. These folks are doing yeoman's work in keeping an eye on how our tax dollars are spent in many cases misspent and with that introduction. Let me welcome in Adam nj ski from open the books, Adam. How are you? Great to be on the program. Thanks for your interest in our work. Will you know, your work is one of those areas of life that we tend to pay attention to only during certain seasons. It seems like that would be of course, tax time, maybe when budgets are being kicked about and you start to see some of the things that are being tacked onto major spending initiatives before we get into a lot of the specifics Phyllis it a little bit on the background of open the books. How did you come to found it? So the mission that opened the book is to capture everytime that's taxed and spent at every level of government across the entire country. So Bill that includes the federal level the state level and the local level. I found it open the books dot com because I live in Illinois, and it is the Super Bowl of corruption. And so I got my start in business as an entrepreneur back in nineteen Ninety-seven. My brother nine we went from accompany that we started from our apartments to twenty million dollars of sales over a ten year period. And it was a brutal battle like a, you know, at at the end of three years, we nearly lost the company at the end of five years we were still making a little bit in putting it back into the company to help it grow. And finally at the end of six years, we earned our employees at the end of ten years an overnight success. And this is, you know, this is the story the American dream, and and but for another dimes worth of taxes regulations and fees. We'd have been gone that doesn't would've never survived years three. So I've Oude after I sold shares in that business. I've Oude that spend the rest of my life, making sure government spending is a fishing and affective and honest and that leads us to this initiative. Open the books dot com to capture everything and show it all American people. So you can follow the tax dollar was there, a the straw that broke the camel's back moment where you said, I I'm fed up. I've had it up to here, and I'm going to begin investigating how all of this happens. So that that moment that's a very good question. That moment was for me was in the second grade and the fourth grade, my father is a conservative democrat decided to run against the corrupt Republican political machine of our home county of not and you'll you'll recognize the politicians name that he ran against for back in the day for, you know, low level state Representative office that guy's name was George. Ryan, George Ryan would eventually become governor of Illinois, and then go to jail for public corruption as many of you. It's almost part of their campaign platform in Illinois for some reason. Always had four out of nine actually end up in jail. And we've had George Ryan Republican who's in jail at the same time as riboflavin that democrat while while while so at least no party has a corner on the market. They can't come out and proclaim to be white glove clean as compared to their opponent. Because it's an equal opportunity state for corruption. Apparently. Well, it is, you know, it's it's both Republicans and Democrats eating off the same trough, you know, feeding on taxpayer money. So we came up with this idea of aggressive transparency followed up by aggressive forensic auditing. And that that leads us where we are today. It open the bookstop com we've actually built the world's largest private database of government spending. So he's captured nearly all federal. Spending since your two thousand and one in the in the local units government, we've captured twenty two million public employees salary and pension records. It's nearly every single public employees at every level of government across the entire country in the state of Michigan or is very very deep in this regard. And then in forty eight out of fifty states, we have at least one year their checkbook spending most oftentimes we go back twelve years. Okay. So let's talk mechanics here a little bit. How on earth do you? Gather all of this data when we are no exaggeration. We're talking about trillions and trillions of dollars a concept. I really can't wrap my bald head around. Well, you know, the federal government nowadays spends about four trillion dollars a year our national debt is twenty two trillion. But let's put that in perspective. So that what that means your fear that in mind, every man woman and child in this country owes sixty five thousand dollars is our share the national debt if you are a family of four to parents to kids your share of the national debt is two hundred sixty thousand dollars. So tell me this is a crisis. It's a crisis of an amazing in proportions are Honore chairman is a former legendary Senator. From Oklahoma, Dr Tom Coburn. He wrote the book on the debt bomb it, you know, as a threat facing national security and also Obama's former Brock Obama is former chairman of the joint Jesus staff, Mike Mullen, he said that the nation's greatest threat is our national debt people on the left, right and center can all agree that this is a big problem in the also appear to all agree. Not to do anything about it. Well, you're exactly right. And I think that leads us to our latest oversight report, we took a look at the last four years worth of the final month of the school year the year end spending it's called use it or lose it spending where the federal agencies spend down their budgets, so they get at least as much if not more next year from congress. So they're afraid if they don't spend it all congress won't continue to appropriate them money. So they do all kinds of crazy expenditures to to blow out their budget right at the end of the year. And what we have found is that last year under President Donald Trump executive agencies spent one hundred billion dollars on contracts in the last month of the year in September. Wow. And I want to get into that here. The moments ahead before we do I wonder if you can help give us a bit of econ one one primer that answers a very basic question. Okay. And I'm asking this on behalf of our listeners. Why does the national debt matter to whom do we owe? And what are they gonna do come repossess our state? You know that kind of thing why does it matter? So it matters because by the year twenty twenty five years just a in an easy story to show why it matters the amount of interest that will be paying on our national debt will exceed our military budget. So right now, we spend about the president is submitted a budget today for seven hundred fifty billion dollars for the department of defense by twenty twenty. Five the interest, and our national debt alone will exceed the amount of money that we that we budget for our military needs into whom are we paying this debt? Well, about forty percent of it is owed to foreigners and about sixty percent is owed to you know, to domestic entities. And so we, you know, forty percent of the interest goes to hope bondholders out of the country and sixty percent of the interest close right back to on holders in our country. Most of us with families with family budgets, you know, with incomes that are derived from job, we we have some very simple calculations to do when money gets tight in a family setting. We need to curtail purchases and or go and generate more revenue. Maybe that's taking on a better job or a second job or whatever. There's definitely though he required change in personal habits. Once you realize the reality of the financial pinch that you may be as a family. I have long wondered how that mindset seems to leave otherwise reasonable and educated people when they take some level of power, whether it's a Washington, or whether it's in my state capital or your township halls man, it seems like the answer's always to keep in. Increasing spending. Why I agree with you? When when our honorary chairman, Dr Tom Coburn was in congress, and in the US Senate in marveled at the lack of fiscal constraints, like all of his colleagues, they want to spend your money because they Cockburn felt those people feel that it's their tickets are reelection and political power in, you know, and it will continue to be until the American people make these things voting issues. You know, the American people we need to raise our voice when you hear about things that we're going to talk about next on. How your taxpayer dollars were spent you need to raise your voice, calling your member of congress and make sure that they feel the heat. So.

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