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Being. Thank your clothes leaning towards -cause. I'm gonna say bears. Put down your pint. You go come on. Yeah. I think I'll say bears go bears. I love it. Just because it's football flag on black. Bring them back in December. Yeah. I would John Jacksonville is going to be really good. The only thing is they're wide receiver core. Taking a big marquee sleep. The giants, Don, right? Yes. I like the giants a little bit this weekend. Getting the points at home. The Jags were impressive lecture. And that defense might be the best in football. I get it. Are they really ready to go on the road and then opener and late points, though? Blake bortles. The example the other day, I'm looking at the White Sox are minus one seventy with Michael kopech. And I'm like, the socks aren't ready to be. Probably not. Pat, Shurmur, look, I mean, I think I guess it depends. How much you believe in Pat Shurmur this time around, but he did good things with that offense. Last year in Minnesota. I mean, like, I think I don't know. I think the giants could surprise people this year. I pick the giants. They actually win the win a wildcard spot in the NFC. I wouldn't be surprised if they played well in either covered or even one in week one. Now, watch you go out and throw four picks. But I mean, I get it. He's got the toughest he's got the baddest boys on the block. He's got to go up against. I mean like Jacksonville's these that legit. But are they? Ready to go on the road and be a favorite coach said all he has to do is not turn over the ball because they're defensive everybody. This weekend. We'll ask firm and about. I love I love the running back. It'd be sneaked coming off the he's not a concussion protocol. So that's good. Years ago. Remember started sterling shepherd could be the beneficiary this weekend with you know, if they if Jalen Ramsey follows Beckham around the gentleman's, he's already said that he's going to other guys will call. So he did say that he already says inside. Yeah. Okay. Gentlemen. A little breaking bears. News from Ian Rappaport. The bears and standout nose tackle, Eddie. Goldman have reached an agreement in principle on a four year contract extension worth forty two million. Plus with twenty five million guaranteed one of the highest paid players at his position in the NFL about that. Thanks for spending some money ten million a year. Would that have been you, Johnny? No, I wouldn't have cashed in guys like me and McMichael we never cashed in like that. What would you be making today if you were playing today three million three and a half some pretty good? And what did you make back in the day? Your best play your best paid defensive tackles making twenty million million. Yup. So what were they making all peanuts? It's crazy five Europe. Does not even know remember I played when the salary cap was thirty three point six so fifty million million sixty million. We'll take a look look up. What's his name the kid from Seattle in court? Cortez. Kennedy contract. She would. Told me his last year he made nine seventy five to Joe. Mangal made seven fifty and jumping for joy finally got two seven v dominant. I mean, he was unbelievable. While you're talking about the nineties with your career. And that's where the number again the sorry campus thirty three six your calls. Three years, though. Kind of his last year in the league is twenty years ago. What did you what did you make it? Your high water, Mark. Million million bucks, man. That's it. First year. I made sixty. Should be it should be in there. I think pro football reference. Have it in there, and he got to Cleveland, and he looked around. He said, I'm the third player in this defense were dead. My first Jeremy shockey gear one hundred third year, I made two hundred right there. And then when you started with who started at Miami. Did you get to Cleveland Cleveland nineteen ninety nine and then you walked in the locker looked around. No, it wasn't in the locker room is on the field at wonder why after Spillman got hurt I looked around. Jamir Miller was behind me from UCLA. Linebacker. Corey fuller was was playing one of the corners from Minnesota game over with us. Then I started looking at the rest of the team Marquez pope not so good. Garrick Alexander with a bad hip. Not so good Herbin. Mccormick from Dallas. Not so good. We had a young rookie out of North Carolina. Like Raheem Abdulah. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible player Wally rainier was a young kid that eventually played a lot because he had to and then went to Jacksonville became a pretty decent player. But at that point the no good yet. Developing right. Mccutchen became a pretty good and became a pretty good cornerback looked around. And I was like the best player on the defense. I go worse crew. What the hell are we doing? We've got a good defense when I'm the ninth pacifier. Your best player. We got ourselves. A nice. Really good Zepa Haman now. But when I'm the third best player. I might I love it. Cata Wisconsin Michael Thompson that was trying to develop his nose tackle. Darius Holland all the town the world. Just rod what did you weigh when in your ninety seven anywhere from about two eighty five to ninety seven. Yeah. Never over three hundred when I played it's funny now that's small off season. I got up to three twenty seven one time. Wow. Really? I sure Jackson is living with Bobby Monica and his wife Donna is eating positive everything was fresh kit. Yeah. Shoes. This is unbelievable. I got on the scale one day, and it was three twenty seven. I said you gotta stop. It's over. Didn't take that long. Because you know, you're at the facility all the time. You stuck around. You did things it was Florida heat. So and then it's like, okay, I can't eat or food anymore. So I'd have to respectfully decline if they do portion control, right? But is about two hundred ninety eight and a month laws. Really? Come off Yuna Florida's sundown down there. I guess plus, you know, you're. Did you like did? I like it was. All right. The humidity sucked in the little bug suck. But it was fine. I can live in Florida. I wouldn't have an issue with that. I don't think I can make since January and February I never wanna live is California. And today the earthquake hits and it slides into the ocean. Good day. Song as everybody was safe. You got a good time out there though early. Karma says evacuate leave. The other side of the fault line. Jerry Brown songs. What you're the best. I'm with you go, I love visiting California scrape place you look at what the tax. Joe trust me. Sweeny course. Okay. So he lives here. Now. Western burbs. I'm out with him one night. I said you left allied come here. He's a you think I'm raising my kids in that ridiculous to Melchior says. Yeah, it's a different lifestyle. And again, the taxes. I mean, it's. I think we complain about art. Live is Cook County. So I'm not so sure it's brutal. Like if you didn't live here like when you're older like I could see myself spending part of the winner like Scottsdale for the winters. I would go to either Miami or Scottsdale. Vegas vegas. Hold in the winter. It's fifty degrees in your in Vegas. I mean, there's no snow shoveling Scottsdale glorious. It's unbelievable. It's eighty degrees in January. During the day. But I mean, you're still talking sixties. I told my wife tire January February March out we're outta here. Out and she's like, yeah. But you say that. But then the kids will be here, and they'll have kids. I'm like. Yeah. And maybe I'm a selfish. What? Don't go anywhere. They're here all year, and the babysit whenever we ask in their great and sorta my in laws, and my in laws citizens like you're not gonna wanna be away. You wanna bet I'm I'm not shoveling seventy-five doing it. I'm not putting up snow BS winters. I'm leaving you leave after Christmas. That's it. After the new year come back before Easter. Yes. I'm I'm telling you, I'm going Jan one to like March fifteenth, I will be in Scottsdale. And if you wanna come with me. I'll see in three months. We'd have to dinner and one of the key. Because many and I are empty nesters now. And the oldest nNcholas goes mom. How is it? Pretty lonely now with none of us around the house, and she looked like she goes, Nick, I love you boys dearly. Please. It's awesome. I mean, come on. Of course. Hey, how you wanna go grab dinner with taking over a glass of wine. Absolutely. You know? It's like, I just I don't think I I don't like the winters now, I'm forty one. And I am sick of and I've lived through my whole life, and I'm not used to it. And with each winter. I get more and more honoring our miserable miserable about these winters. And I don't want to be doing it when I'm seventy five years old before wheel. Yeah. Okay. One of our baby. Where do you drive right now? I have a ultima, but I gotta go take it back to my guys at Glendale is up. All right. I think I'm gonna keep my wife's Moreno, and we're gonna get another one who Merano's now something else. I don't know we need a third row you'd have to Merano's minivan. Like minivan family. No, not a minivan. But we need a third, right? Hate many of the kids are starting to carpool more you need extra seats, right? Right. Right. Yeah. We got gotta get a car with a third round. That makes a lot of sense. Yeah. This year's Easter is April twenty third. They'll let you know varies late. Yeah. Thank you your Christmas, December twenty fifth Christmas makes more sense. He's talking about next April just saying you gotta plan KARN. January when he got a plan. If you're gonna come back before Easter like when you get older you got to watch those easter's when you need to get back. You don't want holidays creeping up on, you know, you don't rush creeping up on. Why had no I had no clue happens. Every off. I'm going to text. You the bare score the whole time. We'll see I'm gonna texture rabbi can't watch Saturday Sunday night. Because that's when the holiday starts can watch. But I'm going to temple of my mom, and my brother. Philadelphia. Temple. Sweet. So the holiday starts at sundown on Sunday. Correct. So I'm gonna DVR the game. Turn my phone off. Okay. Let's go into the house because Mendis gone go into the house turn on my DVR. Anyway, let's hire a plane with a dark letters on it numbers lying around caps out slept better. Danny are you going to temple going to my parents house for? Meal, and then we'll watch the game. Rosh Hashanah meal consists of guys it's like thanksgiving Turkey brisket. Turkey. Dan, block's soup when you start the fast temporary Jason Marquis coming over the big crappy Hopi as I told delve and make sure Yom Kippur doesn't creep up on gap. I got you covered carbon. And you're doing your shots said, oh, that's very nice because you forgot to tell that Alabama. We'll of course, Todd forgot to tell a high Holly. Trumped up on. I know. Hi, Adam works. I've been around the guy for twenty some odd years. You know where he is today. He's in New York. James being honored twenty twenty years. They're honorable loss. You believe that it's still be doing the show taking the show from New York. Or is he taking about it? You off gust of wind plea. I know. It was nice mother of wind. We applies blow ear. Why are you congratulating, Sylvia? Twenty years. Jordan cornet just got his one year pinton B one year. Desk. Somebody left the pin on my desk. Book pack. No, I'm serious. I go four. Now, we don't get. Got it. Yeah. I'm gonna run upstairs. I said grateful left it up there. Well, my my senior trophy sitting up there. Well that explains where the pin game from because I'm wondering what they. So my trophy sits up there. And if I if I end up ever leaving this place prematurely. By prematurely show me the door. I'm sending my fifteen year trophy. War two, Dan, Patrick. Yes. Because because Patrick gave his two over toll. No, no, no, no. You give it to the ball at a guy in our station at nine hundred pelts. I started doing this show. Yeah. So I'm going to send mine to Dan. So he can have one. So when you leave the company after fifteen years, eventually someone then sends you one was kind of cool for fifteen miles night's been here since the station went on the air bag. I started your shadow a shadow, metro employees. Like, it was source that was only part timers. So they don't consider my official start date until I own a two. What is Sean I signed my first contract here. So I gotta wait a couple of extra years for the big. Yeah. The big to do. Either two thousand one or two thousand and two I sent her first contract here. I don't remember. Anyway this hour brought to you by hooters stop by hooters this football season. Watch your favorite teams, then pick your favorite toppings to build your own end, the most valuable Bergen hooters catching gained Ma MVP. All right. We're going to get out of your way. All right. We got field Yates coming up if you have a fantasy question ascended to me on Twitter use the hashtag ask field is that what we did last year. Correct. Hashtag it ask feel. He's gotta congratulate him too. He just signed a new contract. Speaking contracts. Feel a rising star in the company. When he came to Chicago. He went to the Cup. He's a good, dude. I like field fields equality very knowledgeable and help you with fantasy.

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