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Right He True. Story I was not at the ice, bowl but the first Packers game I ever attended old county. Stadium Was the playoff game in, nineteen sixty seven between the Packers, and then the Los Angeles Rams it was the game before. The ice bowl and the ice bowl was cold but let me tell you that was really cold as well. I can remember being in the end zone it was like the the corner of one. Of the end zones and it was called the only place where they had heat was like the men's room so Lord, forbid yet actually had to, go and use the men room bedroom for its intended. Purpose because everybody was huddled they're trying to get warm but the Packers beat the. Los Angeles Rams and Travis the road runner Williams had a big game and a kick return for a touchdown. That was the first Packers game I went, to, when, I was a a young young. Kids always remember people's everybody says they. Were at the ice bowl, well okay I wasn't at the ice. Bowl. I was at that game before that and that started a lifetime love affair, with the Green Bay Packers okay as, long as we are taking a walk down memory lane when I'm moved here as a young child with my parents the there were a couple big department store chains there. Was he Sears Sears was big back then and you had Kimble's which was big back. Then but you also had Boston store which was huge and as somebody who grew up in Glendale the place you would, go to shop would you'd, go you go to Bayshore and when I first moved. Here Bayshore was an L-shaped strip mall now it's Bayshore town center before that it. Was beige them mall but when I first moved here it was an l shaped strip mall and the the. The Lynch pin you know in the corner, of, the, l. was the Boston store and. And that's been one of the linchpins. Since again for for many, of us my guests is for most. Of. Us during our entire lifetimes especially if you've lived in Milwaukee for Your entire lifetime. Or a good portion of it Boston store has. Been you know. One of those linchpins you know it was a key. Element of Northridge which is now gone he element. Of south ridge Kielland. Their Brookefield swear key element of of Mayfair and Boston store it was announced. Several months ago that the chain Bon ton which. Is the parent company that owns Boston store, was going under a gone into bankruptcy, couldn't come up, with a plan where. They could figure out how to, make it work and so it's. Been an ongoing liquidation sale we've talked. About it once or twice. But now it's coming to an, end because the reality is probably by the middle of, next week you're, down to, the last probably four or five days my guess is by a week.

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