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You could argue that for the last 40 years now zach lewis komo ones men closer to college basketball the knack guiding yesterday gotta here oh i can't believe what call would all it is my foot rick potato oh shut up you know exactly what was going on and the game will survive and guess what players are still going to be getting paid they're just gonna be doing i don't i don't know about that i that if if if if you are in this situation you get caught up in it is going to be is going to be horrendous and it all comes see you have you have a confluence of things that are happening here you have poor kids that can play basketball yup and at the age of twelve thirteen fourteen they are the peace sleazy people in their world nowhere they are they can find them and when they find them what do they do they leverage they're they're poor they're you know they're they're the lack of money in the family's life changing live rent for them in there and they're basically telling that player and that players family we can take carry right now blah blah blah blah while all that kind of stuff well that red rick were you were or or i guess you are leveraging the fact that they're poor and you're going to go in there and you're gonna say we could do all this now they're a eu there is no governing body covering this there's nobody checking this slava and the ncaa is not involved there could because they're the colleges are not involved yet at this may right the early point bureau in point where you are were you going you're a parasite yeah you see somebody that poor and you see somebody they could play basketball.

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