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I attended the roy means writers of america national conference in new york city. It was is incredible. I sat in on some great workshops and listen to some very talented o._j.'s. I also had some networking events and meetings to eighteen and i'm thrilled to to say i have some big names agreed to come on the shy. I'm sitting up how chat so you'll have to stay tuned for those after that. My husband and i flew across to the the u._k. Because really when you flown that far what's a few more hours. Plus kids had a great city looking after them. We had a couple of days site saying staying in london then it was off to scotland where we visited everything and anything to do with harry potter and atlanta. Yes we saw lally brock in in castle yoke. She's ticket my social media for lots of fighters including may trying to get through the standings stein's of course we also visited colombian which was initial official for me is my a._n._c. is out there and i saw the exact spot where they fell of course. It wasn't all fun. We actually did a heck of a lot of research while in scotland i've had a historic who saga growing in the back of my mind and being there really inspired me so i've come back with pages with of nights and people i can contact with with more questions later. I do have at least three move oaks to finish before i officially started this so don't get too excited. Theo is in full plane rides likes. I touched down and melvin and dive straightened to the romance writers of stralia. Its annual conference. I presented into the workshop on podcasting in the pros and cons of doing it then. I was on a panel chatting about oceana at streams of income which was really interesting. Then i got back recovered from j. leg and has spent the last two weeks in recording studio with my audio book narrator miles pilot recording the next to me thirty eight books in the breakfast station series now editing audio fouls for those two books the sky brady association and the legacies of brigadier station and so they should be out in about a month. Oh say maine while i just put up the priroda for christmas at brigadier station which will release on november. Twenty-seventh is a print aimed apec. You can preorder that online now also out in a book on team..

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