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Fabulous life which i don't know i love this show twoway i'd do but anyway then why people love animals and they had a pig the pig got too big and crazy so i went to go live on a farm it cut him random bacteria and died very suddenly so it's sad right when i tell you at least twenty minutes of this program was dedicated to these white people weeping into each other's arms about the death of this pig which is still fine because i understand tach meant to animals but not once in like six seasons of this show have i seen the mentioned black lives matter or shed a tear over an unarmed black person being killed by police like not once so to see this massive display of emotion over a pig like not saying it's not sad but like y'all really do give more of a fuck about animals than you do about like fellow human beings scrapie anyway that is just animals to them to still on the point though this dog it must have been so scared and like suffocating and it just sounds like such procurement on zayed like ang's i what the fuck united man i'm actually at a loss for words i don't even know what somebody's bad i'm just thinking of what i would go through my mind if they try to to put link up first of all i'm not going to do like i like i'm not doing i guess i'm gonna have to debord because like honestly like ends in someone's in have to come and give me because i'm not going willingly like i don't care who we've got away.

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