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On fat fuck with big titties said. Trevor wants national. I go you guys. Thank you trevor. Trevor how many sheets day are you up to know shit. They got out on that alcohol. Make shit hard. That would that would make trevor lucian. I got sagan. I deliver for me trump by the wage. Best to jerry jerry to jerry. Jerry's doing that great either august. We fight like held jerry off. Politics acts about him is he. He is the hell no. They don't know what it is yet. Though he has he has one thing and then they was. They found something but they don't know what it is. So they're doing more tests. Razzle last at gerry post give a. How's he feeling. I think the press read i mean as he should. I mean look we outage when you hear news like that you're not going to be you got something wrong with you. Don't know what it. Yeah he's up in the air every time you fucking doctor anyway. Look they're gonna come back and say checks that's why it might be the big what car coal in us. The nice day in cologne looks like a snake so On that note we should actually move forward. You know trying to do the show. We're supposed to. We do have semi callahan from impact wrestling on access. T we do have him and there's also a big deal tomorrow night. We have no clue yet. He might be in the main event of against all odds. Which is going to be this saturday on. Pay per view so we have no clue if he's gonna be wrestling for the world heavyweight title and this is the place where joe they have a guy from another company coming in came in and took their world title. Who so you have a guy from another company called well. It's pro wrestling. I don't ask these only split. I'll bet money on how. I'm still backing the days of bruno. San martinos meet you. Get into the new one rubbers. All long has those i. Can you know yeah pedro. Pedro morales overall issue. Jay strongbow italian native american chicago wrestle. It will get getting a shake the hand all of a sudden we start that shit dance all get fucked up all the keys be going yay to then engine is gonna hit that and with all your parents in the back watching mile loose that we we were first tv. Set low value lady. My father were benches outside right. Tv by the as using. I still nelly elian every day audio cue in a day. Here's our works. What he asks a question you are answering throughout the show. Just that simple it. Is that simple stupid. The only thing is. I'm trying to figure out who actually asked this question. Millions on your board joe. Rick wait for. Joe says senate. Because i discussed before and i said hey who gave this question now because i was a question of where we wrote it down as on today. So i'm gonna. I'm gonna ask the question and then you guys get back to me reading. If you were ghost who would you haunt and why all right now i have this down as the sixers question but right now with security of the day seven one eight five seven seven eighty nine or hit us up of course in the facebook live suite. We want to know you ghost. Who would you haunt and y. I'll go around the room. Starting with huda thought actually came up with this question because it is a good one. I think we'll just do the combined effort of the slick. Stir joe both having the same. I don't know and figured it out. So billy ghost. Who would you haunt and wind mrs because it was a show mrs moore That goes on my phone but you saw shaozhu. That's why you gotta give give your billy bob. That's job lane. Try to is be lame. No really commute. do we do. We have to have a person with a celebrity. You want shots anti-bullying. All i would. I want to. Billy gave a shitty engine. You wanna come back. Because i don't know who i want to torture all right. So let's go to joe then who seemed to be chomping at a real debate but there is something i would like to quote to win my old ex when i was a kid. She was like she. She broke up with me over the telephone and chick she could hide. Mumin rags. you talk about I'll just hold on. Richie you forgive but you forget so. I'm going to give zipper. If i die and i got somebody to. I'm gonna like in the bedroom. Mu right how pussy. Sound.

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