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Pound 250 and say, keyword Get H 20 to start saving today. Okay. How news time 903 and wore a cop suspended over the detainment of a black family last year, is running for Lassana Mus County Sheriff Officer Darien Desko filing paperwork for next year's election. He was given a 160 hour suspension for last August's arrest after pointing a gun at the family during a traffic stop. Disco believe the driver was behind the wheel of a stolen SUV, which was not the case. Never know what you may find If you start digging in your backyard ideologist from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, unearthing parts of Colorado's history in Golden, the excavation team is digging in the backyard of an old hotel boarding house that was built in 18 67 objects like a nickel, for example, that dates to 18 67. When the hotel was built, We found the Chinese coins. That did to 18 22 18 50 that really tells us a little bit about the people who may have passed through here. That's Susan Witkin reporting. I'm David Cale now impact traffic. This report is sponsored by Monarch Casino. From the bed, Fred Sports Traffic Centre Trouble and I 25 South and 25. There is a stall right near university, bucking up one of the left Lane south and 25 running heavy from the Washington Bridge about five minutes away there, and when she passed the stall better speeds, no problems through the tech center. A 70 corridor dealing is the pockets of delays. Pina Boulevard looks like we may have an accident inbound Penny just past 56th Avenue of minor slowdown by this 31 pinpoint weather Sunny and hot Today. Record breaking heat expected again. I have 99 currently 79 degrees impacting your drive to works isn't feeling 6 30 K. How Feel the energy of the ultimate resort and Monarch Casino Resort spa in Black.

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