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Mario lopez whether you're buying a new car or used one it's a big investment. Which is why you should choose pennzoil platinum. It helps extend the life of your engine and protected up the fifteen years or five hundred thousand miles whichever comes first guaranteed because pennzoil's base oil is made from natural gas and ninety nine point five percent free from engine clogging impurities so for you next oil change. Choose pennzoil platinum. The proof is in the pennzoil enrollment. Required keep your receipts. Other conditions apply see on dot com slash warranty for full details. Hey is this is mattie and kansas ziegler and we have a podcast called take twenty we want to kick back and hang out with you but we know you're busy so let's take twenty every week to talk to vent to get real twenty minutes to catch up and talk about everything that's on our minds and yours listened with us for twenty minutes when you're in the car putting on makeup working out in your room avoiding doing your homework take a break from whatever you have to do and hang out with us. Listen to take twenty. Starting september twentieth on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Almost wanna be happier but we often go about it. The wrong way. I'm dr lori. Santos and i teach the science of wellbeing at yale university and in the new season of my podcast happiness lab. I'll point you all in the right direction. I talked to eighties. Heartthrob roblo about the dangers of living in the past a nasa astronaut shares his weird prelaunch rituals to ward off nerves. And i'll ask if dogs really bring us happiness. So are you ready to feel happier then. Listen on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or have you get your podcasts..

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