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Gone on paid this year the Baltimore sun says the Maryland health department will begin sending the estimated payments totaling about thirty two million dollars a week as it works to fix the system the estimated payments will be based on past billing the problem impacts about twenty five hundred doctors hospitals clinics and other facilities that offer behavioral health services in the state about a quarter million people in Maryland on the Medicaid program utilize the state's behavioral health services well we're a month in in Illinois and legalize recreational marijuana is proving to be quite popular we hear more from WBBM radios Bernie to Fauria the state of Illinois says more than thirty nine million dollars was spent on recreational use pot during the thirty one days of January Illinois ins but thirty and a half million dollars worth while out of staters spent eight and a half million dollars the state says more than nine hundred seventy two thousand marijuana products were bought during the month the governor's senior cannabis control officer joy Hutchinson says the prince could ministration is dedicated to making sure that all Illinois is of a chance to get involved in the various aspects of the marijuana industry of course font remains illegal under federal law WTOP at ten forty four ever been locked down you know suffered a set back fired left out it happens it happens a Mike Bloomberg middle class kid worked his way through college got a job started a family boon fired at thirty nine what it might do what a lot of us do we got back up those back in he had an idea designer you computer able to crunch data and process information in a unique way he built a T. cell that he built more he sold more he built a team of people the company created twenty thousand jobs Bloomberg is a doer this is Michael Douglas I played a president and movies this is real world this is our world Mike Bloomberg has Rick takes to win in like the country find some common ground between Democrats Republicans and then lead the way sure Mike will get it done I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president and I approve this message paid for by Mike Bloomberg twenty twenty sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda at ten forty five depressed and wizards just by last night's loss to Golden State get somewhat of a silver lining rookie really hot you Mar in his first game since December sixteenth that's eleven points with eight rebounds over twenty six minutes he's just happy to be back it was fun it was fun you know I missed it I was there to the like of like a seven with its you know never happened before you know it's the first time and then I remember this you know the possible and.

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