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He could pull that off throw to triple coverage, So it was tough. It was tough. A for him as far as I'm concerned. But then the last thing is you in your bed were discussing about the greatest of all time players, Brady doing it as long as he has MJ doing as long as he has Um and all the globe the goat. One thing that I'm recognizing and I think you hit on it. Is this They changed the rules. For these guys. You did talk about that. No longer can they get their heads chopped off. Defensive lineman. We had a discussion with lt the three weeks ago the golf tournament. Lawrence, We have Florence. Hey, man, how would you do in today's NFL? Quote. Man. I couldn't play in this league today. Why? Because the league would find me for intimidation factor and for the way that they hit, it was different. Michael Jordan when he played go Rules trains today. We used to lay hands on ballplayers dress. You know, I played in the league very, very short period of time in Cleveland. When we light hands on people we were. We gave them no ability to do things that they want to do. Tom Brady free. He's got that brick wall. Offensive linemen of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that a now standing job for the last three weeks yet because he's standing back there patting the ball and he's able To just deliver strike lock He passes last but not least. Hey, guys. Tom Bell. Get ready. Because do you know who the defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs there, and it's hot now being Leo? That's right. Steve Spagnola who has has drawn up to defense is that has done the job against Tom Brady. Derek, I'm sure I'll hear from you. Thank you, friend. Um Again. Will Chris Jones be disruptive along the defense of line? And Steve Spagnola had a couple of things working for him with the New York Giants toe where they matched up well. Against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Had that big pass rush, Then the abilities slow down there, run. But Would dare say, because I'm trying to remember now because 07 would have been Brady Throwing too. Oh G. I think it's still Dan Graham and Ben Watson tight end. It was Randy Moss on the outside with Wes Welker. That was the first year with with those two guys. So this was even pre Julian Edelman. And that's that. That's that 07 team that I'm talking about that ended up going 16 and oh, and putting up unbelievable numbers. In fact, If I've got it correct. The starting running back on that team in the Super Bowl was 22 year old Laurence Maroney. Think of that. And the two guys that year the Brady was really thrown to Welker had 112 catches Randy Moss ready. Moss caught 98 balls for 1493 yards and 23 touchdowns. God all mighty Brady was still from the Mike Vrabel at times. I mean, think of that. Welker and Moss and I don't even I don't even know Wes Welker is going to the Hall of Fame. Really? If you had Taylor and Rice to all of Famers, that'd be one thing. It was Moss and Ben Watson, Dante Stallworth to Paul Gaffney, Kyle Brady, Mike Vrabel. David Thomas was another tight end that they were throwing to Kevin Falk was the third leading receiver on that team with 47 catches now. That folks. Was on Lee 2000 and seven if you had a child born in 2000 and seven that kid is 13 or 14 years old right now, depending on went in 2007. They were born. Is not that long ago. It's like a teenager's life. 13 years. And Tom Brady was literally throwing the one guy. And they almost because remember 14 10 lied about 2.5 minutes to go in that Super Bowl. And ultimately, it was Ellis Hobbs matched up against Plexico birth. But like when you go back and you look at that 07 season and you put into context How important Randy Moss was to Tom Brady that year and how that offense ran through that guy. It puts that season and into a much different kind of context. When you look at it from the standpoint of teams now have multiple 1000 yard receivers and guys all over the field. And you know, if if Tom Brady only has one Randy Moss, it isn't good enough anymore, as evidenced by what happened in New England last year. 855 to 1 to four. CBS. Well, you're right back to the phones with you talking Brady and the A F. C. N N F C championship games, respectively. Let's get updated on everything in the world Sports. Thanks for waiting. Here's Peter Schwartz. See me? Yes. Sportswear sports flag for the first time in NFL history of team will play their home stadium in the Super Bowl of Bucks will face The defending Super Bowl champion chiefs on February 7th and champion the FC Tali game the Chiefs over the Bills. 38 24 patch home stories of courage in 25 yards. Three touchdowns, two of them the title and Travis Kelsey with 13 catches 418 yards. The Buccaneers win the NFC Championship game. They beat the Packers at Lambeau Field. 31 26. Tom Brady, who returned your 80 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions. So in his first season in Tampa Bay, Brady will be going to his 10th Super Bowl after winning six championships. In nine tries with the Patriots. Other NFL news three time Pro Bowl tight and Greg Olsen announces.

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