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5 18 days. We continue our Tuesday traffic watch. We'll check back with Kim Vestal and your local Honda dealers, Traffic said. Well, it's just been a little too quiet on the Nimitz Freeway in Oakland. And sure enough, we have a new accident. Backing up the ride in the North bound direction on 80 this update brought to you by junk king as you pass the Coliseum there before you get too high Street. You will see these brake lights. CHP reporting the crash. Eyes, partially blocking the left lane. So North bound is backed up to the Coliseum. South bound is not impacted. It passes by at the limit. We had some stubborn delays on the shore Freeway through Berkeley, in both The westbound and eastbound direction of Interstate 80 earlier accidents out of the way, So it's just a lot of a lot of traffic between the MacArthur Maze and University Avenue. As you continue eastbound. We've got traffic slow and stretches through Berkeley through panel past Highway four and no longer any delay on the car Keenest bridge earlier roadwork eastbound that had things backed up. Is clear. Valeo. We have a crash. He's found Interstate 80 at that magazine Street. This update brought you by blaze. Dale's business supplies by the way, so Gore point at traffic is only a minor slowing their Ah and Ah And then we have no delay until you get into Fairfield that accident clear Get Manuel Campos. He's found Interstate 80 police tells business products has over 100,000 in stock items, including disinfectants and social distancing solutions. Get free next day delivery to your business or employees. Home office is called today. 5 10 43 thirty, six hundred 5 10 483 36 100 Next update 5 28 on the traffic leader KCBS. Mancini's sleep rolled six day forecast Enjoy big savings during Mancini's sleep world's fourth of July triple bonus mattress sale here's K p x five small Hagen another Nice day across the Bay Area to finish off the bunch of June. But as we head into July some of that June gloom is back in the forecast for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I think it's going to be quite is because it was last.

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