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The french national debt and it was speculated to be valued at two and a half billion dollars wow and by the way no one really knows who mona lisa was us. She's thought to be young. Florentine woman mono- or mona lisa who in fourteen ninety five married francesco della condo a wealthy silk merchant and thus came to would be known as la deconda okay. I got it that time on july nine fifty four at the age of seventy seven sapiro leonardo's father dies sapiro dive will work in his notary influence no big barrel funeral for him that we know of no records that have been found so leonardo may not have attended because he not it was not not directly a part of the family. He gained nothing in an inheritance. Did davinci have some kind of falling houses. Dad was yet his signs. Dad passed just wasn't recorded. We don't know again. Davinci wrote next to nothing about his private life and the bar ballpark of fifty five leonardo makes an attempt to build another flying machine by about fifty five fifty three year old leonardo have been and thinking about how to fly for roughly twenty years something he built a complex ornithology her a machine with flapping wings too closely mimic the anatomy birds fifty five. No one really knows if leonardo actually actually built a model of untested is off to or not but it's fun to imagine him giving it a go years later in fifteen fifty one of his associates care donnas did write that a traitor that is teacher heater tried in vain to get an ornithologist off the ground so i guess there's a possibility the renaissance man you know took his machine out for a few disastrous spins and may may a fifty six leonardo is summoned by to milan by charles de umbrellas the french governor and in fifteen o seven leonardo's appointed french king louis the twelfth painter and engineer in fifteen fifteen. Oh wait leonardo da vinci painting the virgin and child with saint.

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