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Fifty stores announced last year hours after a fire ripped through a west suburban apartment complex an aerial view shows a huge chunk of a roof completely gone it broke out around one thirty this morning on the sixty seven hundred block of south park lane and westmont fire chief dave wise for their welfare love the window and help us at all this morning there were no fergus horror and not him that was art for the fight in sella bella was allowed to look at her unit one of sixteen damaged and tells abc seven everything is destroyed i'm going to have to just start all over again because of the fire is under investigation insurance claims from 2017 california wildfires have reached eleven point eight billion dollars the most expensive in state history larry nassar is again in a michigan courtroom this time it is the start of his final sentencing hearing and a judge says that a total of two hundred sixty five people have come forward to declare that they were abused by the disgraced former gymnastics doctor that number included both a one hundred fifty thick plus victims who offered statement said a different hearing last week as well as dozens of new ones who are expected to speak over the next several days and that's our faces another prison sentence his third for molesting gymnast sat in a leat michigan club run by an olympic coach judge janice cunningham has set aside several days for more than sixty women and girls who want to confront nasser or have their statement ran court the hearing quote unfold much the same as last week's proceedings in another county that hearing ended with nasser getting forty to one hundred seventy five years in prison sentence that the judge described as nasser's death warrant and us gymnastics entire board of directors has resigned in the fallout from the nasser sex abuse scandal wls traffic the edens right now out to lake cook sixteen minutes same on the inbound side the kennedy out.

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