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What do you want to talk about. I got a big action number of things. Some of them will talk some big picture. Day get bogged boggle the culture. I think we've kind of done that enough recent shows. I think it was popular. But i to. I wonder if one of these i wanted to do is kind of brainstorm a little bit about where this country is going. It's interesting we're seeing so many changes. And god knows. I know i have to ask you Things are ramping up so quick. I mean i'm seeing if nothing else You know norby's are starting to sense. These problems normies talking about the federal reserve. Or what have you. Then you know that there was a problem in type of youtube videos. That are all changing. The first we gotta we gotta define normies. Who you who you now. The army term for people who are like the john just just regular joes on the street art. Doing what you're doing it. There's such thing anymore. I used to think there was that it was kind of an admiral. Well well well that that that that that's the point. I mean that there is a famous quote or swerves or little mini story which you may have heard of. There was about a famous guy on wall street items. They he was on the he worked for the main brokerage houses. Back in what nineteen thirties and it was right before the crash and he tells us after the crash she tells a story the before the crash he came down from his penthouse wherever it was on wall street and he comes down. He's getting shoes shop and as he was down there getting shoot. What's that i'm sorry. I was told to find his work. So this guy goes down. And he's getting in this guy's a major appropriate guy alternate privileged. Stock market was kind of new back their most regular people. We're not investing in the stock market. That's one of the reasons that the economy heated up and all this crap that that got it was kind of like how crypto currency is now like every location major in in their basement has now thrown up. Some their own throw crypto. Get an early get an early this new thing and allston. Everyone's getting in the crypto and everyone in their brand trying to get the blockchain and that's what's happening now. Well that's what happened that then back then only really use more fluent people vested in the stock market regular people did not stock mark. We don't we don't think about that But all of a sudden they became more open to to regular people and a lot of people didn't have with a background in stocks. And and and you know there was no internet it was just coming in the revenue gleaned from from the newspaper and what you heard about at the tavern or or perhaps the church and only start hearing where people that were making money heard on. Always people hit your john smith. He invested in company. Abc and he liked me double his body. Triple money sounds moyer people so this is what was going on. And so one of these these. These fund manages wherever wall street comes down manhattan's getting his shoes and as he does that. Shoeshine boy sitting there given him stock advice. But you know what. I heard this great stock and so he said at that moment when this shoeshine boy was giving him advice on the some stocks on the stock market is going on. He said that was time this sale because he knew the crashes company then. That's that's my point when the northeast and the joke shows out there all talking about it. You know it's there now. I don't put that in the context of crypto crashing or something but the larger issue of when the average person is tuning in to the fed retuning into debt. They're starting to realize the money. Printing is on every video even things that means like i watch and we'll talk later about stores in the culture thing was a big news event and star wars. That that that that that gets a little bit later. But i mean even even videos have nothing to do you would think are taught him money and inflation and people are feeling get at the store so anyway what i'd like to do is talk a little more about where i think that we're seeing so many things change and i'm getting a better picture of how this like certain things will play out especially again. The balkanisation of this country has to get this division between civic nationalism and cultural nationalism which will chat about but i gotta say is earnings in oklahoma. And i don't know. But i think i think it's our they're gonna pass the wall now. Home ernie can run down peaceful protesters the fiery fiery but throats but the peaceful in your giant boss. Did you know that. Change in oklahoma guys. This like cannonball run. I get extra points and stuff if you running over wheelchairs and you know what are you talking about. No it's true it's true so that was the first and taxes run. It is doing it as well. Thirteen or fourteen states now topping oklahoma wall. Which is they pass. The small number liberals are spitting it that conservatives hate and they're gonna kill a peaceful protests but what it was it was put in place because of cases during the riots where people were driving in their cartons city and then they quickly get surrounded by protesters with like pitch works in sales all of that and of course you can still trapped and surrounded. Hit the gas to escape. The mob company after you then in the past people were held accountable for running down protests on purpose which wasn't on purpose. You're trying to save your life so this was a dilemma for the legal system. So oklahoma passed the law. Just the more conservative red state. And they're saying if you do that you're not held liable it was self defense and of course the fascinates a great great wall is just a patch job. What a deeper problem is but now taxes adopting all these other states have a girl toppings same law and the left is going ballistic. Staying two shows the hate from conservatives that now that they're calling it the running down before protests for wall but anyway you know when they get in front of you near impede your way and are you allowed to leave. And what if you feel threatened and all that and that has been precedent in case law for forever you know is giving an example. You look at first amendment stopped. You have the right to speech but do you have the right to you. Know make somebody listen to you. Well if you're in the airport and you had to. Harry christner guys used to go round raising money and putting giving you a flower. Now give me money for my the flower. I just gave you well. They go guys are just getting to be a pain in the ass. So cases went to the supreme court and what it came down to as long as you don't impede their traveled as long as they you know they don't have to walk around. Yeah they don't have to slow down they don't have you get in front of now if you're standing on the side and you offer something in front of us here. Take this pamphlet flower. Just ignore them and you just keep walking as long as you can ignore them and you can keep on your way. Then you're good. You know you can yell scream or show or do or go topless. Whatever the hell you wanna do is as you're not impeding their transportation so when you're in a car and people run around you and stop and banging on it and like i stopped. I'm feeling impeded. Okay you know so you just. I'm not even sure. They needed to put long glad they did. But you know. I am able when somebody's around me and stopping me. I'm able to proceed. Further now of course l. o. Ran over my foot. Oh so i'm sure. The law was specific enough to allow you to like get out of there. You know right. I believe so. But it's just one of these commonsense things that they're having to to.

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