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The midwest may get hammered with rain meteorologist Brian. Hurley the central plains northern Kansas eastern, Nebraska moving into much of Iowa northern Illinois southern Wisconsin and into, south western lower Michigan these are the areas that are going. To be very watching over the next couple of days torrential rains drenched south central. Pennsylvania leading to. Road closures and flash flooding the region was hit with, five inches of rain over several hours the National Hurricane Center in Miami says new tropical. Storm in, the eastern Atlantic will strengthen throughout the weekend but does not currently threaten land forecasters say that, tropical storm Florence. Is located about two hundred twenty five miles from the Babo veered islands off the west coast of Africa no watches or. Warnings, are in effect after six decades the, village voice has been silenced correspondent Steve castonbound in the village voice. I came onto the scene in nineteen fifty five the alternative weekly newspaper laid the groundwork for. A new genre in publishing. The voice launched numerous award winning, investigative. Journalists careers and for decades it was the, go-to paper, for news on, music and the arts the voice became a digital, only publication, last year, on Friday the owner announced that. They could no longer stay afloat and it would cease operations I'm Anne Cates you've always wanted. To own your own business, you just didn't know exactly how to go. About doing it well why not call rain at Ellis Randall today. A quick industries Ray net and her, family have been putting good people just like you hinder their own, businesses for over fifty years and you know the names quick. Lube centers in quick car washes now right now we have A new quick car being. Built in Frisco and won in royse city there's a quick car oil a loop center under construction in prosper and that, one needs a buyer DFW still the fastest growing Metroplex in America and we're now. Bigger than Houston everywhere you look people own cars so if. You know real customer service you need rain it today nine seven two four five. Eight nine seven. Six one again in the nine seven two. Area code four or five eight nine seven six one call. At, today call yourself boss tomorrow I'm Roosevelt may. General manager of how fans Hyundai plano we are the largest Hyundai dealer North Texas and there's a lot of reasons why I our. Prices right now either half is location you get a new two..

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